Tuesday, October 31, 2006

October Blogger Awards

As you can see, on the bottom right of my blog, sometime in the next week The Matthew Never Knew will receive it's 100,000th hit. Maybe I should give a prize to visitor #100,000. But don't bother trying to win because once it gets close I'll just keep hitting refresh. Then I'll give the prize to myself.
Feel free to leave a vote for Post of the Month

Blog of the Month: Just Your Average Jo
Joanna is the first repeat winner for 2006. Notice her effective usage of links & media and the spendid blend of personal updates & theological thoughts.

January: Elizabeth S
February: Paul T
March: Steph I
April: No Award Given
May: Andrew B
June: Aaron P
July: Heather D
August: Joanna H
September: Kayla H
October: Joanna H

Monday, October 30, 2006

Missions Girls

Throughout the past 6 years, I've been interested in quite a number of 'missions girls'. But I was never sure exactly why. I have a passion for the generally lukewarm american church. While I have loved my 3 trips to China, I am un-convinced that I'll ever be a long-term missionary overseas. So here are some theories to explain the interest:
  1. The #1 thing I'm looking for is a solid commitment to Christ. By their very nature, missions girls tend to be solid Christians
  2. I think the adventurous spirit has a lot to do with it. I don't think of myself as adventurous and I am attracted to the contrast
  3. Missions girls tend to be pretty social. They're good at meeting new people and devoloping relationships, another weakness of mine.
  4. Perhaps is simply a coincidence that many of the missions girls I've liked have been likeable
  5. I suppose it's possible that God will call me to overseas missions in the future and He's just trying to get me 'set-up' for such a calling

Friday, October 27, 2006

More Message Board

Here comes another longer post. I really enjoy message board discussion. Perhaps I will do a post contrasting it with verbal dialogue in the near future. But I wanted to blog an example of some message board interaction from this morning.
Originally Posted by AnonymousAtheist View Post
Eventually, I really began to question my faith. It was blind faith after all, and the evidences of "creation" and "conscience" are not enough for absolute belief in the Bible. Those 2 evidences could be applicable to any belief system. A Muslim may have absolute faith in the Quran, and I know some that do, but I know that Christians will say that they are totally wrong. The Muslim will most likely say the same thing in return. Do you see the problem? To the point, I was afraid of losing my faith. That is why I bought numerous books on apologetics, and prayed constantly. Obviously, it was not that effective for me
Hey AA

I wanted to address the 4 underlined phrases

1. I don't think we can say Christianity is a 'blind faith' at all. Blind faith goes 'against' the evidence or, at best, goes in the absence of any evidence. But there is plenty of evidence for Christianity. The fact that there is a world points to a god. The fact that we have a conscience points to a god who holds right & wrong as distinct entities. We have quite a lot of evidence supporting the claim that Jesus rose from the dead verifying His claims (eye-witness accounts, a changed world, extra-biblical sources, etc). It's not a blind faith, serving God is our 'reasonable act of worship' once we've submitted to His rule in our lives.

2. Creation & Conscience certainly aren't enough for absolute belief in the Bible, I agree. They simply get us going in the right direction. And, by the way, a Christians mission isn't to have absolute belief in the Bible. A Christians mission is to have absolute belief in Jesus Christ. One is not a Christian by knowing the Bible cover to cover, one is a Christian by knowing Jesus Christ.

3. No accurate Christian says that Muslims are 'totally wrong'. In fact, Muslims are far more right than most other non-christian religions/worldiews in our time. Muslims are right about monotheism. Muslims are right about the need to submit our lives to that one true God. Etc. Christians and Muslims have much in common, they simply need Jesus.

4. Maybe it just wasn't effective the way you expected. Maybe in your early christian experiences faith was explained to you as a lack of doubt. And you left your faith b/c you couldn't rid yourself of that doubt. But I am telling you, this morning, that faith is not the lack of doubt, faith is obedience. And the opposite of faith is not doubt. The opposite of faith is disobedience. Most disciples experience doubts throughout their lives, but true disciples keep seeking the truth.

By discussing these issues on a message board, and, apparently, being open minded about them, you have shown a high level of interest in the truth. To me, that's a positive indicator that God is still speaking to you and that you haven't hardened your heart yet to Him.

God bless

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Kenosis Theory

Kenosis theory is simply the doctrine that Jesus gave up (or did not utilize) some/all of His divine attributes while He was on earth. It is based, mostly, on Philippians 2:7 which says, 'but emptied Himself, taking the form of a bond-servant, and being made in the likeness of men.' I've been involved in an interesting message board dialogue on this issue for the past few days.

Personally, I am not convinced that Jesus, God in the flesh, utilized personal divine attributes at any time between his conception and the cross. Perhaps strangely, though, my main basis for this isn't Philippians 2:7, but the Gospels themselves. To me, Jesus' self-limitations had less to do with emptying himself of divine attributes and more to do with truly taking-on flesh. To truly become human, in my current opinion, implies self-limitation.

That is why Jesus did so many things that God simply cannot do. God can't be born, God can't grow in wisdom, God can't be tempted, God can't grow weary, God can't be ignorant of information, and God can't die. Jesus, however, was born, grew in wisdom, was tempted, got tired, didn't know some things, and died. Why? Because he truly became flesh and flesh experiences those things.

But, you might say, what about all those miraculous things Jesus did? Aren't those evidence of him utilizing his divine powers? I certainly think they are evidence of divine power, but not specifically his divine power. I think everything Jesus did between conception and the cross he did by submission to the Father and empowerment by the Holy Spirit.

We don't have any reliable accounts of Jesus doing miraculous things prior to his baptism. So what happened at Jesus' baptism that changed things? Did he just figure out that he had divine powers? No, the Spirit of God descended on him (Matt 3:16), remained on him (John 1:32), and filled him (Luke 4:1). After that point we have further proof that everything Jesus did was by the power of the Spirt. When he healed sick people (ie. Matt 12:15) it was part of a prophecy that Isaiah had been given in Isaiah 42:1-4. Matthew quotes that prophecy which includes the line, "I will put my Spirit on him." It seems to me Jesus healed the sick, then, by the power of the Holy Spirit. What's more, Jesus himself said, in Matthew 12:28, "But if I drive out demons by the Spirit of God, then the kingdom of God has come upon you." So did Jesus drive out demons using his own divine attributes? No. He drove them out by the Spirit of God. It seems to me Jesus did everything in his ministry by the Spirit, even the more mundane things like travelling (Luke 4:1, 14), preaching (Luke 4:18), and praising (Luke 10:21).

Thus, I feel comfortable enough to make the claim that Jesus, between his conception and the cross, never used his divine attributes at all. Not a single time. Instead, he limited himself to the status of a mere human being and became a servant of God. He submitted to the leadership of the Holy Spirit in his life. By the power of the Holy Spirit He preached, praised, prayed, healed the sick, cast out demons, performed various miracles, discerned people's thoughts, had the strength to obey his father, etc.

To me, this is a very exciting realization. Why? It's exciting because I, as someone who wants more than anything to live like Jesus, will never have divine attributes. But I very much can be filled with the Holy Spirit! You know, when the Apostles did miracles, even raising people from the dead, we don't declare that they had 'divine attributes,' we simply recognize that they were Spirit-filled people, just like we can be. Jesus wasn't simply God walking around with skin, he was truly man and, therefore, truly an 'example' (John 13:15, 1 Cor 11:1, Phil 2:5, 1 Pet 4:1, John 14:12, Heb 10:34, etc) of how we can live obedient and Spirit filled life as well.

Feel free to sharpen or annihilate my view via comment :)

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

GG 5 & Lost 4

I'm taking over the writing of Gilmore Girls. Lorelei & Chris will go to Paris. Logan will be there on business and Lorelei will catch him cheating on Rory. While she is busy spying on Logan, Chris will fall back in love with that Gigi. The 1st half of the season will end with Lorelei on a plane heading back, alone, to the states.

Who votes for me to be the new writer?

As for Lost, I heard that the writers read the message boards and incorporate the theories of the fans into the storyline! That is quite crazy. Does anyone actually have a legitimate theory on where this show is heading?

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Sweet Sixteen

How old are you? 16 What's your boyfriend's first name? I dont have a boyfriend What are your favorite foods/drinks? Huh...french fries and red bull but not togethor probobly What do you want to be when you're grown up? Teacher Where do you think you'll live? Michigan Who are your best friends? All of them? Danielle, Will, Brittany, Amanda, Tim, Maranda, Kasey What kind of music do you like? Soft Rock. A little bit of everything except for heavy metal What are your religious beliefs? My religious beliefs are, on myspace it says Christian/other Shows? that 70s show, grounded for life , roseanne , house , psych Bands? Red hot chili peppers, Sum 41, nickleback, sublime, hawthorne heights, blink 182 , starting line , fall out boy , panic! at the disco, taking back sunday Any closing words? "By the way, Danielle, when you laugh, you make the whole bed Jiggle" (that's what Brittany said when she was extremely mad at Danielle and me)

Monday, October 23, 2006

Funny Verses

Often, I'll read a verse in the Bible that will make me chuckle for one reason or another. I've always wanted to compile a list of such verses, but I never got around to it. But, by the power of my blog, I think I can accomplish this task with time. The list will be short at first, but as I re-read/remember funny verses I'll add them to this post:

Genesis 18:15
Sarah was afraid, so she lied and said, "I did not laugh." But he said, "Yes, you did laugh."

Luke 11:45
One of the experts in the law answered him, "Teacher, when you say these things, you insult us also."

John 8:48
The Jews answered him, "Aren't we right in saying that you are a Samaritan and demon-possessed?"

Ecclesiastes 7:28
while I was still searching but not finding— I found one upright man among a thousand, but not one upright woman among them all.

Feel free to leave comments showing verses that you think are funny and why!
*thanks to steph i's blog for motivating me to do this

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Teaching Update

Currrent Sunday School: Study thru Luke
Current Sunday Night: Life of Solomon
Current Prayer Meeting: Titus
Current Men's Group: Thessalonians

Current Statistics (I've taught thru...)
26.6% of Scripture
22.1% of Old Testament
26.8% of the Law
15.3% of the Historical Books
26.7% of the Wisdom Literature
20.8% of the Prophets
42.7% of New Testament
33.3% of Gospels/Acts
25.3% of Pauline Epistles
89.3% of Non-Pauline Epistles

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Shows that Start w/Stats

The 'Shows that Start with' Series is complete (#'s now included). The purpose of this annoying series was to overwhelm myself with the guilt of wasted hours. It worked. It turns out, there are ONE HUNDRED AND SIXTY-TWO shows that I have watched more than twice! Pretty crazy! Thankfully, over the year, as I typed up these posts, I drastically cut back on the amount of TV I watch. Nowadays, I only watch 2 shows each week (Lost & Gilmore Girls). In any case, looking back, here are the shows that are in my TV show Hall of Fame:

01. Seinfeld- My clear-cut all-time favorite. Class of its own
02. Frasier- Very clever humor. I am collecting the DVD's
03. Simpsons- So many seasons, many great episodes
04. Dick Van Dyke- Super funny. Pretty girl. Great show
05. Star Trek TNG- Best Sci-fi show of all time
06. Gilmore Girls- Quick & intelligent comedy
07. All in the Family- Politically incorrect. Classic comedy
08. Cheers- Great cast. Tons of good episodes
09. Friends- Most dependant on one-liners, but plenty of them
10. Lost- Could jeopardize HOF status in coming seasons
11. American Idol- Starts funny, ends with talent. Good combo
12. Quantum Leap- 2nd best Sci-fi show of all time
13. Little House on the Prarie- Some good lessons can be learned

Friday, October 20, 2006

Shows that Start with #'s

Below are all the shows that start with a # that I have watched more than twice. Why? Who knows

2 Guys a Girl and a Pizza Place- I liked it
7th Heaven- In my opinion, the worst show on my list

Thursday, October 19, 2006


Many people have trouble interpreting the prophecies of Daniel, but I have found hermeneutical gold at worldends.co.uk. Alistair (who believes himself to be the Archangel Michael) provides some 'classic' exegesis of Daniel 7 in the following paragraph.
The fourth beast is a dinosaur. A dinosaur was a large reptile (like Satan) and became extinct by asteroid. However, some smaller dinosaur species survived and became birds (angels). So if you're sin is big you get destroyed, but if it is only little, then you can become an angel. The UK is shaped a lot like a T-rex. The iron teeth are probably the industrial revolution and the continuous seeking of knowledge. The 10 horns represent the 10 commandments, the three that fall are the trinity – true religion being thrown to the ground. The “breaking in pieces” refers to the fracturing and weakening of the church into denominations. The one horn is probably me! I'm speaking some great things to convert Christians

I can't wait to read some more of his articles!

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Lost 3

Tonight I'll watch the 3rd episode of the 3rd season of confusing show Lost. Speaking of being lost and confused, how bout the TSN power rankings? I will fix the power rankings for TSN below

1. Buffalo Sabres
2. Rochester Americans
3. Minnesota Wild
4. San Jose Sharks
5. Dallas Stars
6. Anaheim Ducks
7. Detroit Red Wings
8. Atlanta Thrashers
9. Carolina Hurricanes
10. Edmonton Oilers
11. Montrael Canadiens
12. Vancouver Canucks
13. Nashville Predators
14. Toronto Maple Leafs
15. Ottawa Senators
16. Calgary Flames
17. New Jersey Devils
18. Florida Panthers
19. Chicago Blackhawks
20. NY Rangers
21. Columbus Blue Jackets
22. Tampa Bay Lightning
23. Los Angelos Kings
24. Colorado Avalanche
25. St. Louis Blues
26. Washington Capitals
27. Pittsburgh Penguins
28. Boston Bruins
29. NY Islanders
30. Phoenix Coyotes
31. My nephew's pee-wee team
32. Philadelphia Flyers

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Gilmore Girls 4

I won't be home from the rough, tough, masculine hockey game until late, so I'll be watching the delightful & clever Gilmore Girls around midnight, but feel free to post any comments you have on tonight's episode.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Knew News

  • I love Werther's Originals. I may dump my blog to be with them
  • My sermon, yesterday, was titled The Owner (other a.m. sermons)
  • Kayla, I used the 'monkey' illustration you shared
  • Today I will finish NT Wright's "The NT and the People of God"
  • I lost my ATM card, is one of you trying to steal my identity? Why?
  • I am going to the Sabres/Flyers game Tuesday night!
  • The Sabres are on pace to finish the season 82-0
  • The Bills, on the other hand, no longer exist in my mind
  • I have finished the "Shows that Start with __" series
  • And there was much rejoicing

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Beautiful Blog

I am switching metaphors. The other day I typed of my blog as my 2 year old child. But today I realized, sadly, that my blog is a lot like a girlfriend.

Both prefer daily attention
The more time invested, the better the result
Both get fancied up every so often
A new style once in a while keeps my interest
Both have their ups & downs
Some days it's not even worth posting
Both get hit on occasionally
Which lets me know I've got something good
Both connect me to many people
Since I am not very good at doing that myself

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Shows that Start with W

Below are all the shows that start with W that I have watched more than twice. Why? Who knows

Weakest Link, The Just a fad
Wheel of Fortune Not a bad gameshow
Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? Odd
Wings Better than I had Thought
Who wants to be a Millionaire? Another fad
Who's the Boss? I've prolly seen most of them
Who's Line is it Anyways? Started off really funny
Wishbone Actually, I really liked this clever kid show
Wonder Years, The Very high quality program

Best of the W's ='s Wishbone

Friday, October 13, 2006

Never Knew Turns Two

My blog is growing up so fast. It seems like only yesterday that it was born. But now it is starting to walk and talk. In fact, yesterday we got in an argument about whether I need mental help or not. I think it won. Anyways, here are some of the highlights from October 14th 2005 - October 12th 2006:

O-The New Canon
N-Top 10 Churches Series
D-You Might be a Dispensationalist If
J-The Binding of Satan
F-Worst Pic Ever
M-The Tall of Laziness
A-The Counting Post
M-China Pictures
J-The 'How To' Story
J-Card Wall
A-Alphabet Match Maker
S-Solomon's Pick Up Lines

By the way, in less than a month I'll get our 100,000 hit

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Lost 2

I am so confused. I watched the 1st season in just over a week so I seemed to understand everything pretty well. The 2nd season was hard to follow because there was a week (or more) between each episode. This season I am just completely lost. I can't remember anything. And, therefore, I can't even theorize as to what is going on.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Gilmore Girls 3

Post your Gilmore Girls discussion here. Tonight Richard & Emily are back! But so is Logan, oh well.

Episode 1 was rated 8.93
Episode 2 was rated 8.86

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Holding On

One time on The Simpsons, Homer got his arm stuck in a vending machine. The following dialogue took place:

Guy with saw: Mr. Simpson there's no easy way to say this, were going to have to saw your arm off. Homer: Awww, but they'll grow back won't they? Guy: Yeah... sure... They'll grow back. Other Worker: Are you just holding on to the can? Homer: Yeah why?

Sometimes in life we hold on to things. It's stupid. It's foolish. But we've convinced ourselves we want and need that thing. There's a specific kind of thirst that it alone can satisfy. We'd rather lose a limb than let go. It doesn't make sense to others why we're holding on, but letting go doesn't even seem like a possibility to us.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Shows that Start with T

Below are all the shows that start with T that I have watched more than twice. Why? Who knows

Tales from the Crypt Some decent short stories
TaleSpin I only remember that I watched it daily
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Solid cartoon
That 70's Show Good cast, decently funny
Tom and Jerry Classic cartoon
Tom Green Show, The Sometimes quite funny
Tonight Show with Jay Leno, The Getting worse
Transformers I liked the toys better than the show
Twilight Zone, The Some awesome episodes

Best of the T's = The Twilight Zone

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Baseball Stats

Team Salaries
1. NY Yankees:
2. Detroit Tigers:

Series Winner: Detroit Tigers

Yankee Salaries/Stats
1. A Rod $26,000,000
1 hit in 14 at bats
2. Jason Giambi $20,000,000
1 hit in 8 at bats
3. Gary Sheffield $11,000,000
1 hit in 12 at bats

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Entering Blogdom 3

Looks like blogroller is beginning to work again

You know this game. Guess who's "first post" this is:

What is it about late nights that bring out the best...or worst...of us? Why is it that an energizing conversation can lead us to try something we wouldn't before? Why is it that our best papers are written, songs created, ideas implemented all late at night? I'm probably the last one to jump on the blog bandwagon, but sorting through thoughts ought to be fun--even if I'm the only one to read it. Maybe I'll read it again late tonight.

Current Standings
Jo 1
Kayla 1
AP -1
Kirk -3

Friday, October 06, 2006

Roller Coaster

Today was a roller coaster. I loved sleeping in. Then I woke up to find out that half my family was afraid I was really mad at them about something that wasn't bothering me at all. Then I had a lousy time preparing for men's group, only to have one of the best men's groups ever. Tonight, I read something that disappointed me to a level I haven't experienced yet this year. But then something that normally would have made me super angry made me thankful. Don't you love my vagueness?

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Gilmore Girls 2

I liked the punch to start the episode
The humor seemed a lil off early in the episode
I wonder how many hours Lorelei actually works!
Kirk was fairly funny once again
I usually don't like TJ, but even he wasn't unfunny
Luke was a jerk in the street
Luke is obviously lying to himself
Lane's storyline was pretty funny
How dumb is Chris to leave that on the machine?
Rory's speech was devestating and right on
I'm glad Lorelei finally broke down a bit

I like em better now: Rory, TJ, Lorelei
I like em less now: Sookie, Chris
I like em the same: Luke, Kirk

I want Lorelei's parents to enter the new season soon

Tuesday, October 03, 2006


My predictions really stunk last year! So ignore them and trust me. This year's Cup will involve two teams that wear very similar uniforms. My status as a Sabres fan has nothing to do with this prediction.
A Ottawa
A Buffalo
B+ New Jersey
B+ Carolina
B NY Rangers
B Philadelphia
B- Montrael
B- Boston
C+ Toronto
C+ NY Islanders
C Tampa Bay
C Atlanta
C Florida
C- Washington
C- Pittsburgh

A Nashville
A San Jose
A Anaheim
A- Calgary
B+ Detroit
B Dallas
B- Minnesota
B- Edmonton
C+ LA Kings
C+ Phoenix
C+ Vancouver
C Colorado
C St. Louis
C- Columbus
C- Chicago

Stanley Cup
Buffalo over Nashville

Monday, October 02, 2006

In the Sanctuary?!?!

Last night I taught through The History of God's House: From Tents to Tentmakers. I really emphasized the New Testament truth that we, the body of Christ, are the temple of the Holy Spirit (and in so doing, de-emphasized the importance of buildings). Most Christians believe this concept, but even still, many of the 'little' problems a church experiences seem to be conflicts about church buildings. What should be allowed in them? What should be done with old one's? What should new one's be like? Etc. Anyways, I definitely received some facial expression resistence. It seems, to me, to be one of those areas where we have the light of Christ, but we prefer the shadows for one reason or another.

Upcoming Posts:
Wednesday: Gilmore Girls