Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Klark Cent & Lois Lane

Once upon a time there was an extremely shy young man named Klark Cent. He liked an extremely beautiful young woman named Lois Lane. He was too nervous to talk to her, but one day she talked to him:

'Why is your first name spelled with a K instead of a C?...and why is your last name spelled withh a C instead of a K?'

The young man tried to think of a witty response....

'Ummm.....well.....it's a clue!'

The young man realized that didn't make any sense

'Ummm...no, well. It's not a clue. My parents had to spell it like this b/c the name Clark Kent is copywrited.'

Lois laughed. She found his nervousness charming. Plus he was adorable. But she was pretty shy too, and waited for him to make the next move. The young man realized it was his turn. Over the next few weeks he planned and plotted. Finally he came to a decision: He would hang out with Lois's younger brother. This would show Lois that he was a SUPER guy, a family man. It would allow them to get to know eachother indirectly. Klark played football with Lois's brother. He talked with him, laughed with him, joked with him, took him on a trip to Cleveland, etc. Klark believed his plan was working perfectly.

But Klark had no conclusion to his plan. Opportunities arose and departed un-utilized. After a while, Lex Luther posted Klark's true feelings on his website for all the world to see. Klark was so embarressed. He gave up. His first big crush was over. He vowed never to love again. This lasted a few weeks.

Part 2 Coming Soon

(If you really want to guess who's who...IM me)

Monday, November 29, 2004

Series of Unfortunate Events

I recently saw an advertisement for Jim Carrey's latest flic, A Series of Unfortunate Events. Doesn't look like something I want to see, BUT...it did get me to thinking:

I have decided, upon careful consideration, to do a 'series' of posts about my history with girls (note that I did not say 'my love life' since some of these were mere crushes, others were extremely immature forms of love).

However (I'm not allowed to start a paragraph with 'however' I bet...oh well), to protect those females who may not wish their names to be blogged about, I have made an executive decision to describe each of these relationships using symbolism. Names will be changed. Traits will be exaggerated. Circumstances will be twisted.

All this will protect the innocent, but it will also (hopefully) make each story more interestesting to blog readers as well.

Part 1 coming soon

Sunday, November 28, 2004

Whose Servant

Studying through the end of the book of Romans was very freeing for me. It reminded me that I am not in the business of pleasing men, but God. But it also reminded me that the Love God has shown to me must go through me to others. The grace God has given, I must spread.

verse 1
Right or wrong
We ask which right away
Black or white
There’s nothing else to say
We leave no room for gray

verse 2
To each his own
I hear my brother say
But ours alone
Is the right of way
Better hit the highway

But there’s a man whom I believe
Whose faith provided liberty

He said be sure yourself
For in that day
We’ll give our own account
Of our own faith
Fully persuaded let each one be
For in the end whose servant are we

verse 3
There are absolutes
And there are others
There are stronger
There are weaker brothers
Let us not grieve one another
But in gentleness love one another

Saturday, November 27, 2004

What is ALF?

What do YOU think? Posted by Hello

Alf came on the American scene in 1986 from the planet Melmac. His real name is Gordon Shumway, but the 'Tanners' called him ALF (Alien Life Form). In my opinion they were kind of rude not to call him Gordon. I mean, maybe I'd understand if he had some weird alien language kinda name that was hard to pronounce...but that wasn't the case.

Let me ask you a question. What is Alf? Is it a little human actor in there? Is Alf a puppet? Is he remote controlled? Some kind of robot? He's baffling to me. I don't think a person could fit in there, but he seems to realistic to be some manipulated doll. Is it possible that he really is who he claims to be?

For your information, Alf now has his own TV Show. I think he's on the TVLAND channel at 11pm on Friday's...or something like that. Either way, he's back. I haven't seen the show, but I encourage you to watch it, decide what exactly he is, and report back to me with the info.

Friday, November 26, 2004

The Abolition of Man

Top Quotes From 'The Abolition of Man' by CS Lewis:

1. The task of the modern educator is not to cut down jungles but to irrigate deserts. 2. The heart never takes the place of the head: but it can, and should, obey it. 3. Their heads are no bigger than the ordinary: it is the atrophy of the chest beneath that makes them seem so. 4. In a sort of ghastly simplicity we remove the organ and demand the fuction. We make men without chests and expect of them virtue and enterprise. We laugh at honour and are shocked to find traitors in our midst. We castrate and bid the geldings be fruitful. 5. An open mind, in questions that are not ultimate, is useful. But an open mind about the ultimate foundations either of theoretical or of practical reason is idiocy. If a man's mind is open on these things, let his mouth at least be shut. 6. Man's conquest of nature, if the dreams of some scientific planners are realized, means the rule of a few hundreds of men over billions upon billions of men. 7. You cannot go on 'seeing through' things forever. The whole point of seeing through something is to see something through it. It is good that the window should be transparent, because the steet or garden beyond it is opaque. How if you saw through the garden too? It is no use trying to 'see through' first principles.

Thursday, November 25, 2004

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

4 ways to be a fan

Here's 4 different ways to be a fan in a rebuilding year

Go and complain- Don't like what your team is doing? Voice your opinion! Let it be known that you disagree with nearly every decision being made. Keep paying. Keep attending. Keep wearing the shirts. But hate it. Complain. Walk out before it's over. Complain about it all week. Repeat all of the above the following Sunday.

Stay home and complain- Have you had enough? Boycott! Don't give that stinkin team any more of your money until they do things your way. Keep an eye on the team from home. Keep talkin about the team to your friends. Discourage other people from wasting their money. Maybe show up for the most important weeks, but only because it's tradition.

Stay home and encourage- Ok, maybe you don't like some of the things the team is doing, but their still your favorite. You love a lot of their players. You see a lot of potential. You like the direction the team is going, but there are still some issues that bother you. You especially don't like that player who does a dance every time he makes a nice play.

Go and encourage- Alright, so things have changed a bit. Some of the young players have replaced the veterans. They do things differently, but you realize their goal is the same. They want to win! So you go to the games. You might shake your head every once in a while, but you get involved. You cheer them on. After all, the team is BIGGER than any one individual.


Okay, I tricked you. This wasn't really about sports. It's about the church: Being a Member of a Church in a Rebuilding Year. I've noticed these 4 reactions 'Christians' have when things change in a church. Some people keep going, but complain about everything they don't like. Some people stop going and spread the news of their displeasure. Some people don't come quite as often, but they realize the church is changing for the better. Others realize change is a necessary part of church life and they rejoice and the new things God is doing. After all, the Kingdom is way bigger than personal preference.

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

I Lost My Legs

Today I participated in a volley-ball tournament. It was a District Young Adult Ministry event. There were 7 teams. We finished 3rd. Our final record was 4-3, but all 3 of those losses came at the hand of one team: Big Tree Wesleyan Church.

I remember playing Big Tree at other events through my teenage years. I used to poke fun at them and call them 'little shrubs.' I guess they grew up. They were a good team.

All in all, it was a lot of fun. But I am SO out of shape. I was hurting just from warming up before the first game. It got worse as the day went on. The worst part, though, is that I know tomorrow I'll barely be able to move. I'm such a slug. My legs are worthless right now.

Monday, November 22, 2004

The Survey Says...

Churches should have fun together

And once we start having fun, we should have more of it

Last night at church we had a time of fellowship and family feud. Sounds like a contradiction, I know. We had 10 of our church family play a game of Family Feud while many others watched and laughed. I was running the PowerPoint (I had to be very quick, I was more nervous doing that job than I am when I do special music!). Everything went really well and we had desserts afterwords.

I just feel bad for Christians that are opposed to fun. Some people don't think churches should do anything except get together and listen to God's Word for an hour...maybe sing a few songs (as long as they aren't enjoyable). Well, preaching/teaching is very important. It's my FAVORITE thing. But it's not the only thing.

Sunday, November 21, 2004

Teach Me to Pray

The disciples were almost certainly men of prayer, but they noticed something unique about the prayer life of Jesus. The utter submission to the Father that the Son displayed in prayer is the goal I have for my prayer life.

verse 1
I’ve been taught by many
Great and small
But I can see you’re the master of it all
And I can hear it, in your voice
And I can see it, in your eyes
And I can almost see your prayers arise

So teach me how to pray, Lord
The very way you pray, oh teacher
If only I could do the same, Lord Jesus
Teach me to pray

verse 2
Before I ever knew you
Before these days
I learned back then from another how to pray
And I thought, I had it fine
But now I see you, here before my eyes
And I can almost see you prayers arise

repeat chorus

If you who do these great
And many mighty deeds
So naturally fall down upon you knees

Saturday, November 20, 2004

NBA Brawl Breaks Out!!!

If you have a high speed connection you need to see what happened tonight in the basketball game between the Detroit Pistons and the Indiana Pacers.

Click here to see the video

Who to blame?
1. B. Wallace for over-reacting to the foul
2. Detroit fan for throwing drink on Artest
3. Artest for going into stands
4. Artest for tackling fan
5. Multiple fans for throwing punches
6. Artest for throwing punches
7. Multiple players for throwing punches (Oneil, Jackson, etc)
8. 'Fans' for throwing more and more beers as the brawl continued
9. Security for not having any control
10. George W. Bush (for making everyone so mad)

Okay the last one is a joke (at least for me it is, some people blame him for everything)

Friday, November 19, 2004

Is Simple Stupid?

Earlier tonight my brother challenged me to a game of X-Box ESPN football. I have only played the game a few times. He has played a lot. I beat him 14-7 with a late touchdown. I guess I got lucky...because I didn't feel like I played very well at all. I didn't know what I was doing.

I miss regular Nintendo. I like simple games. The best football game on Nintendo was Super Tecmo Bowl. It wasn't very realistic...but if you won, you earned it. The games today almost seem to play themselves. They're very fancy, but not as fun.

But maybe I'm just too stupid to learn all those new buttons.

Thursday, November 18, 2004

The Prayer of Jesus

The Bible Answer man has responded to 'The Prayer of Jabez' with an emphasis on the prayer known most commonly as 'The Lord's Prayer'. This book is about the same length as the Jabez book and, therefore, can be read quickly. It contains very few spectacular insights, but some good reminders and is worth the small amount of time it requires of its reader. Hank Hanegraaff, as an author, is more suited for polemical writing.

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Thomas Newman

There are some jobs that, if they are done well, go un-noticed. A janitor doesn't often get recognition unless he fails to perform the task at hand. The same goes with composers of movie background music. The directors get credit. The actors get credit. The composers are seldom famous.

Do you like any of the following movies?
The Shawshank Redemption
Meet Joe Black
American Beauty
Pay it Forward
Road to Perdition
Finding Nemo

These movies have one key ingredient. Thomas Newman. He is my favorite composer. I love the background music for these films. Do you know who your favorite composers are?

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Before Jerusalem Fell

The rumors are true. I've been dating. But the rumors are only partially true. I've only been dating the book of Revelation.

I thoroughly enjoyed Kenneth Gentry's book, 'Before Jerusalem Fell'. Gentry argues convincingly for a pre-70AD date for Revelation's origin. This book was instrumental in my conversion to partial-preterism. He covers the external and internal evidences before engaging the alleged late-date evidences. His case was very strong in my opinion.

Sunday, November 14, 2004

The $650 Exchange

Couple Significant Items to report today.

In Spring 2003, just after I graduated college, I decided to make a $500 dollar investment in the stock market (specifically, in the 2 satellite radio companies). Today, about a year and a half later, I am withdrawing my investment. Total value: $1,157.69. Total profit: $657.69

This weeek, I bought my first TV. Well, technically that is not true. When my brother and I were younger we bought a TV off our parents so that it was OURS (we figured they woudn't be able to ground us from TV if it was OURS and not THEIRS, but apparently they paid the electric bill and our scheme was ruined). But that TV was only 50% mine. The TV pictured above is what I bought this week for about $650 (notice that's the same as my stock profit). It's a 30' Sanyo High Definition Widescreen TV.

So basically, I got a nice free TV just b/c people like satellite radio.
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Saturday, November 13, 2004

The Peace Bridge

Today I woke up (around noon for those awaiting Sunday's sleeping chart post) on our living room couch. After transferring to my bed I slept a few more hours, ate some chicken wings, and sang Avril Lavigne songs really loud as I drove to church.

In the spirit of Avril, I was invited to dinner in Canada. I don't think I've been to Canada since I finished college. Thankfully I only went like 5 minutes in! Over the Peace Bridge from Buffalo to Fort Erie. Had dinner with a great Chinese couple. I met her at a Bible study in Buffalo. I met him in Beijing, China. Now we were eating a Chinese style dinner in Canada. It's a small world. It got smaller.

After dinner I thougt I was going to a Bible study at a church on Niagara Falls Blvd. It turned out to be Africa night. Which is really weird b/c just as I typed 'Africa' just now that same word was on TV (I'm half watching 'Mean Girls'). Anyways there were lots of students from various African countries. It was neat.

And now here I am at 4:14am. Not tired. Typical Friday. Peace out.

Friday, November 12, 2004

The Screwtape Letters

Whether you believe in demons or not, The Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis is an interesting read to say the very least. In his book, Lewis writes 31 fictional letters from one demon to another. The author of the letters, uncle Screwtape, shares advice with his demon nephew Wormwood on how to distract and discourage a young man from faith in the God of Christianity.

This book is a very interesting read because by the end we feel like we know this human subject very well, but in fact we have only overheard one demon corresponding about him. Perhaps this is because Lewis did such a great job at getting to the issues that real men deal with. It’s almost like we are the unnamed male being dissected.

I would highly recommend The Screwtape Letters not only to those interested in the spiritual realm, but also to anyone interested in insights into the mind of man. Lewis has a way with words and a keen understanding of what is vital. Since each letter is very short, this book can be read very quickly. On the other hand, you’ll pry want to read some specific letters a few times.

Thursday, November 11, 2004

Jesus Among Other Gods

I just finished reading a great book by Ravi Zacharias entitled Jesus Among Other Gods. Here are my favorite quotes in the order in which they appeared...

10. “I came to Him because I did not know which way to turn. I have remained with Him because there is no other way I wish to turn. I came to Him longing for something I did not have. I remain with Him because I have something I will not trade. I came to Him as a stranger. I remain with Him in the most intimate of friendships. I came to Him unsure about the future. I remain with Him certain about my destiny. I came amid the thunderous cries of a culture that has three hundred and thirty million deities. I remain with Him knowing that truth cannot be all-inclusive. Truth by definition excludes.”

9. “Purpose is to life what the skeleton is to the body.”

8. “I believe that what has actually happened is a cutting of the nerve of spirituality at the neck, so that it never filters down to the heart, hands, and feet. Life is lived out in self-contained compartments with nothing to connect them. Such is the amputation of religion that pays homage to God but would be the most surprised if God were ever to show up.”

7. “Jesus declares that wisdom reveals itself by what it produces. It does not take more than one look at our society to see the utter absence of wisdom. Jesus was not hesitant to call their bluff, as He does ours.”

6. "He did not just proclaim the truth. He said, ‘I am the truth.’ He did not just show the way. He said ‘I am the way.’ He did not just open up vistas. He said, ‘I am the door.’ ‘I am the Good Shepherd.’ ‘I am the resurrection and the life.’ ‘I am that I AM.’

5. “Teaching is like a mirror. It can show you if your face is dirty, but the mirror will not wash your face.”

4. “The task of the church is not so much to make God relevant to the people as much as it is to make people relevant to God.”

3. “It is implied that many people believe in God only because of the context of their birth or family or determined conditions. If the criticism is justified, and undoubtedly it sometimes is, why do we not show the same distrust of secondhand doubt?”

2. “We see the symbol of the cross on necklaces and on church steeples so often that we have no concept of what it meant and accomplished. In fact, if it were truly expounded upon, we would take offense at the preacher.”

1. “Oh! For an unambiguous sense of safety in a lasting home.”

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

94 Things About Me

1. I was born on June 13th, 1981
2. I was born at a very young age
3. I was born at Newfane Hospital
4. I don’t remember the birth-event
5. We also got a dog named Copper that year
6. I have 2 older sisters
7. They dressed me up like a girl sometimes
8. I’ve only voluntarily dressed like a girl once
9. I lost a match-box car in kindergarten
10. I loved match-box cars
11. I used to crash them together
12. The one that stayed right-side-up won
13. Last car standing was champion
14. All the cars had names
15. The Dukes of Hazard car won a lot
16. I also liked transformers
17. I once buried my sisters Barbie in the yard
18. I still can’t find it
19. I have a younger brother & sister
20. I’ve had 4 best friends move-away
21. As a result, I became extremely introverted
22. I could go whole days at school w/o speaking
23. I was neither popular nor unpopular
24. My best friendships were church friendships
25. My first crush was a girl named Kelly
26. I was too shy to talk to her
27. She was a church friend, but even still
28. My first girlfriend was named Candy
29. She asked me
30. I said I’d give it a try for two weeks
31. After two weeks, I didn’t renew the contract
32. I was depressed in my mid teenage years
33. I became serious about following Christ at 17
34. I lost my bad temper from that night forward
35. Other sinful mindsets/habits remained
36. This happened during Houghton Family Camp
37. The preacher that night was Tim Elmore
38. I don’t remember the sermon, just the Spirit
39. I prayed for a long time that evening
40. I shared my testimony the following week
41. That was difficult for a shy kid
42. I sensed a call to full-time ministry
43. My calling was confirmed in an awesome way
44. You should ask me about it
45. Another girl pursued me my senior year
46. We dated for a few months
47. I graduated from Barker Central School
48. I graduated with honors
49. I went to college in Canada
50. It was a Bible College
51. I chose it because it was inexpensive
52. I chose wisely
53. I borrowed about $13,000 to pay for school
54. God provided about $15,000 in other ways
55. I was still very shy when I got to college
56. I didn’t know anyone
57. I avoided the cafeteria for two weeks
58. I was afraid I wouldn’t find a place to sit
59. I ate pop-tarts instead
60. I started an open-door-policy
61. I simply left my dorm room door open
62. I had new friendships hours later
63. For the 3rd time in my life, a girl pursued
64. For the 3rd time in my life, I obliged
65. We dated for about 9 months
66. While at College I became an avid reader
67. I disliked almost all my course-reading
68. I mostly read Christian-apologetics stuff
69. I love having completed books on my shelf
70. I think of them as trophies
71. I dated a girl my second year
72. All-together we dated for about two years
73. We are still good friends
74. My best male friend is from Maine
75. We shared a room at College
76. I did a six-month internship in Fillmore, NY
77. I grew up a lot in that time
78. I graduated with high honors
79. I didn’t work very hard
80. My worst characteristic is laziness
81. My best characteristic is laid-back-ness
82. I think I’m lying to myself about one of those
83. After college, I had no idea what to do
84. Within months, I was in full-time ministry
85. I'm the assistant pastor at my home church
86. I'm not sure what the future holds
87. Ministry has been a good experience so far
88. I like football and hockey
89. I like fantasy sports
90. I like debating on message boards
91. I love my family and have great parents
92. I married Katie (a girl from my church)
93. She deserves a whole other list of 94 notes
94. My favorite number is 94

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Jesus in Beijing

If you are a Christian and have any interest in China, this is a must read. David Aikman begins with a 'state of Christianity in China' address. He then gives a valuable historical sketch on how Christianity has developed over the centuries in this great country. Aikman knows the current spiritual landscape well and tells the stories of contemporary Chinese Christian heroes. He ends with some valuable anticipation on what the future holds for China. This book was so good I have made an 8 page summary of its contents available for anyone interested.

Monday, November 08, 2004

Wrong Address

Not too long ago I read Gary Chapman's book, The Five Love Languages, and agreed with it thoroughly. It's the best 'relationship' book since I Kissed Dating Goodbye! Just kidding, the latter is just about the worst book ever. My friend and I wanted to write a response book called I French Kissed Dating Hello, but we never got around to it. I did, however, write a song about this 'love language' issue. Here it is:

Wrong Address

I drive
A million miles
Being clever all the way
Telling jokes
To make you smile
Being sweet to make you stay

But after
Quite some time
I turn my head towards you
And you're not
Even by my side
I didn't have a clue

I'm sending love letters to the wrong address
I'm studying real hard, but for the wrong test
Throwing rocks at wrong windows
And making a mess
I'm sending love letters to the wrong address

I write
A million lines
Of all I want to say
A clever rhyme
With words that hold some sway
But when
The poem ends
The final draft is done
You can't
It's in a foreign tongue

Repeat Chorus

I show
What you can't see
Hold love behind your eyes
I love
As if you're me
And assume you will realize

Repeat Chorus

Sunday, November 07, 2004


“This book chronicles discrimination against Christians in American society. While tolerance is touted as the highest virtue in our popular culture, Christians are often subjected to scorn and ridicule and denied their religious freedoms.”

Thus begins the introduction to David Limbaugh’s most recent book, Persecution. I am sure many dismiss this book at once in frustration at the premise that the majority religion in our country could actually be persecuted. Such an instinct is probably natural, but misses part of the reality. The odd truth in this situation is that most persecution of Christians that occurs is by the hands of others who, in a census, would also probably be counted as Christians. Christianity, as is pointed out later in the book, is the only religion that has both genuine and nominal members. In our country, genuine Christians are persecuted by anti-Christians AND nominal Christians. Still don’t buy it? Well that’s what the book is for!

I must admit the first 294 pages of this book can be pretty boring to read. With page after page Limbaugh illustrates how the ‘free exercise clause’ is being trampled by rabid misuse of the ‘establishment clause.’

The book is poorly titled. What Christians face in America can hardly be considered persecution in comparison to what many Christians face in other lands. But it's still an interesting read.

Saturday, November 06, 2004

Back to the Basics

After multiple posts about U.S. politics I am ready to return to basic blogging (to the delight of my socialist canadian readers). And after 2 straight posts that were lengthy reading I am ready to return to basic brevity (to the delight of my lazy american readers). Okay, now that I have offended everyone...

Tonight I went to a hockey game in Buffalo. But Buffalo wasn't playing. The National Hockey League has decided that this season they should fight over money instead of the greatest trophy in sports. It's always fun when millionairs whine, isn't it? No, this game was between two minor league teams: The Rocherster Americans and the Cincinnati Mighty Ducks. I was rooting for Rochester and they won 3-1. It was fun. I had nachos. The end.

Friday, November 05, 2004

Returning to our Roots

In light of my statements regarding the present 'state of the union' I feel it is an appropriate time to consider our past. America is a strong tower, a shining city on a hill for all the world to see. If we wish to heighten that tower and expand that city, we must know the strength of our foundations.

Are our roots secular or Christian?

Some would have us believe that the United States for formed as a product of the secular enlightenment. They believe that: Christianity doesn’t have much to do with the formation of our country. US law is largely based on Greek and Roman law. The philosophies of John Locke and English common law. The main basis of American law remains Greek and Roman law, natural law, etc. The main framers were deists and Unitarians, not orthodox Christians, not that it matters, but it is clear that the main influence was not the Bible.

But in reality we are a product of very Christian roots. The 'secularists' think Christianity is intolerant, inflexible, rigid, not compatible with freedom, but Christianity is a friend of freedom. The overwhelming majority of the founding fathers were devout, practicing, Bible believing Christians. Some of them weren’t orthodox, but they were certainly religious. Secularists want no part of God, these men wanted all of Him.

What movements led our first leaders to America?

The Seperatists (pilgrims)- The leader of the Pilgrims, James Robinson, felt the Church of England was departing from their roots. So he and his followers decided to set out for the new world to establish a Biblically based society of Englishmen. Their purpose was to glorify God and advance the Christian faith. They made the mayflower compact in 1620 where we get the idea of all men should be treated equally under the law, not from John Locke in 1690

The Puritans- Another group wanted to reform the church from within, but were resisted. So they left for America in the 1630's. Their purpose was to express and pursue the protestant reformation and to glorify God, to be a city on a hill.

What historical events shaped our nation?

The Great Awakening-In 1734 a nationwide Christian revival began. It provided spiritual passion and social unity. It was led by Jonathon Edwards and George Whitefield. The core of their sermons was man’s sinfulness, his need of a savior, salvation through Jesus Christ leading to changed hearts and good works. Their preaching led to a passion for human freedom. One historian made this statement, 'to the pulpit, the puritan pulpit, we owe the moral force which won our independence.'

The Revolution- A united band of Christian men, lovers of freedom, were stirred to fight for that freedom. And in 1776, they declared their independance. It was an independance worth fighting for.

What documents shaped a young nation?

Declaration of Independance- 52 of the 56 signers were trinity believing Christians. Early on in the document they declared: We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

The Constitution- M.E. Bradford studied the religious backgrounds of the signers of the Declaration and the Constitution and concluded that the overwhelming majority were strong, practicing Christians. Describing the process used in creating such a great document, Ben Franklin stated, “We have gone back to ancient history for models of government." Recently a 10 year study regardiing these 'ancient' sources was completed and yielded the following results. The major models for the US constitution were: 8% Montesquieu, 8% Blackstone, 3% Locke, 3% Hume, 34% Bible. The Bible? Yes. 34% of the source quotations for the US Constitution are directly from Scripture. In addition to this, except for Hume and Locke, all others quoted were strong Christians. It was specifically because the framers were Christians that man’s dignity is proclaimed (we were created in God's image) and man’s power is limited (we are fallen). These men Believed the Constitution was undergirded by Christianity:

John Adams
- “We have no government armed with power, capable of contending with human passions unbridled by morality and religion…our constitution was made for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate for the government of any other.”

George Washington- “True religion affords government its safest support”

Thomas Jefferson- “The Christian religion is the best religion that has ever been given to man and I am bound to give it the sanction of my example.”

Recently a Chinese scholar toured America to uncover the secret to America's success. Upon the completion of his research, he made the following statement:

“But in the past 20 years we have realized that the heart of your culture is your religion: Christianity. The Christian moral foundation of social and cultural life was what made possible the emergence of capitalism and then the successful transition to democratic politics. We don’t have any doubt about this.”

He and his collegues have no doubt. Some Americans do. We must not. If Christianity is the source and substance of our nations rise to greatness, then it is essential that we recognize, remember, and rejoince over our Christian roots. Sadly, too many Americans doubt our Christian roots, and more and more Americans doubt the greatness of America. Let us not be doubters, let us be proud of our foundations.

Thursday, November 04, 2004

State of the Union

My fellow Americans,

Former Vice Presidential candidate John Edwards has said that we live in two Americas. In one sense he is right. America has 2 distinct worldviews. America has 2 distinct political parties. And America made 2 distinct decisions on election day. In another sense Mr. Edwards was very wrong. A diverse America is not two Americas. We are one nation, under God. Nothing defines America to the extent that diversity does. Diversity is a good thing. It causes us to think through the issues. It causes us to consider our world view. It makes us a better nation of human beings.

America is one. America has weighed its opinions and beliefs. And now America has decided. And America has decided in a convincing manner.

Yesterday 11 out of 11 states voted to ban gay marriage. America has decided, convincingly, that marriage is between 1 man and 1 woman. We honor freedom in this country. What two people do alone is between them and the people their lives affect, but what we, as a nation of human beings support is another issue. America has decided.

Yesterday America voted to keep the Republican Governors in leadership. Almost 30 of our states now have Republicans in office. America has decided it wants smaller government. America has decided it wants fiscal responsibility. America has decided.

Yesterday America voted to expand the Republican leadership of the United States Senate. Republicans already had 50 of the 100 Senate seats. America decided to have 55 Republican United States Senators. America has decided it wants to support this President in congress. America has decided.

Yesterday America voted to expand the Republican leadership in the House of Representatives. Only 218 Republicans were needed for a majority. America has decided to elect over 230 Republicans to these important offices. America wanted a stronger voice. America voted for that voice. America has decided.

Yesterday America voted to re-elect President George W. Bush. 4 years ago the Presidential elections resulted in a difference of about 500,000 people and 5 electoral votes. This year the Presidential elections resulted in a difference of about 3,500,000 people and 34 electoral votes. America has decided to give George W. Bush more votes than any President in American history. Over 58,000,000 Americans voted for this President. America has decided they want leadership that is tough on terrorism. They want leadership that allows the American people to use their hard earned money as they see fit. They want a President who sticks with what he believes is right, not what he thinks is popular. America has decided.

We live in 1 America. It's a diverse America. It's a free America. It's an America which has spoken loudly and clearly. It's an America which has elected Republican leadership to represent its voice across this great nation and around the world. It's an America that has decided and decided convincingly. It's an America I am proud to call my earthly home.

May we continue to strive to be a nation that is a blessing to others and may God continue to bless America.

~Matthew Aaron Rose

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

It's Over. For Now

Looks like the final tally will be.......

Bush 286
Kerry 252

John Edwards just made a short, yet hyper speech, stating that it's not over. They are obviously hoping that the left-over Ohio ballots are HEAVILY Kerry in nature. Bush is beating Kerry in Ohio by over 100,000 votes right now.

New Mexico, Iowa, Nevada, and Hawaii are not quite set in stone, but it appears Bush will win the first 3 and lose the latter.

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Voting Day


Early Exit polls show Kerry with a slight advantage in key swing states. Some reports show Bush down 4 in Ohio, down 4 in Florida, down 1 in New Mexico, down 1 in Michigan, and down 2 Iowa. This is a good sign for Kerry and seems to prove this will be a close election.

But I remind you that more Republicans have 9-5 jobs than Democrats. It was early exit polls that caused the media to think Florida voted for Gore in 2000. Evening voters tend to be Republican voters. If Bush is still within a few percentage points by dinner time, I think he'll win.
If you're a Bush supporter, don't put too much stock into these results. Get out and vote when you finish working (or pretending to work while you read my blog)!


As I hoped, the exit polls are getting tighter as the day gets darker.Early exit polls showed Bush down 4 points in 2 key states (Ohio and Florida). The latest exit polls are showing Bush down 1 in both those states. One early exit poll had Bush down 20 in Pennsylvania! The latest exit polls hahve Bush down between 2-4 points in that state.Bush-Backers have finished their 9-5 and they are on their way home....making one important stop. And hopefully, with their support, Bush will be able to call the White House home for another 4 years.

Latest Election Results:

Bush 51%
Kerry 48%

No state surprises so far. Things looking good in Ohio and Florida

Monday, November 01, 2004

Pastor Appreciation Month

October was Pastor Appreciation Month in the Wesleyan Church. What does this mean to me practically? Cookies! Church people make very good cookies. And, even better, during P.A.M. they make cookies AND give them to me! Free of charge. I really appreciated all the cookies, cards, and gifts that were given. They were delicious (the cookies that is). Hess Road has been a great church to grow up in and minister in. I know someday, when I finally leave, it will be sad....even for me (the guy w/o emotions).

I look forward to the next months of ministry!