Friday, June 10, 2016

A List of Evangelical Voting Intentions

Here is a collection of voting intentions I've come across from Evangelical sources in advance of the 2016 Presidential vote.

In no particular order...

I'll vote for Hillary Clinton because...
1. Her platform matches my Christian beliefs
2. She's the lesser of 2 evils (vs. Trump)
3. She's a woman and it's time for a woman

I'll vote for Donald Trump because...
4. He's the lesser of 2 evils (vs. Clinton)
5. He's an outsider and it's time for an outsider
6. His platform is what's best for this country
7. He'll appoint more conservative judges
8. He seems to have a divine momentum

I'll vote for a 3rd Party candidate because...
9. Their platform matches best with my beliefs
10. The other candidates are just unacceptable
11. It'll send a message to the 2-party system

I'll NOT be voting at all because...
12. I just don't care that much
13. I already have a President (Jesus)
14. My vote simply won't make a difference
15. There just isn't anyone worth voting for