Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Idol #8

It was time

I liked Paul, especially at first. He had a fresh sound. But at this point in the competition I was neither surprised nor very upset to see him depart. Sure, I like him better than Stefano, Jacob, and Lauren, but I don't expect to always get my way.

Now if only those 3 can be the next 3 to go.

Thursday, April 07, 2011

Idol #9

I haven't been blogging... again
But I have been watching American Idol
So why not blog about that like I used to?

Let me just say that I am shocked and appalled. Pia was the best pure singer on American Idol this season and she was also, seemingly, one of the nicest people in the shows history. She also happened to be maybe the prettiest girl the show has ever had (perhaps Brooke White?).

So why is she gone?

This is a mystery. Not a mystery like the Trinity or the tension b/w divine sovereignty and human free-will, but a mystery nonetheless. Was she not entertaining enough for some people? Were the mostly female voters just jealous? Did all her fans just assume she was safe and not vote?

The show must go on. With Pia gone, I will be pulling for Casey Abrams. My current standings are as follows:

105 Casey
102 James
98 Jacob
97 Scotty
94 Haley
93 Paul
93 Lauren
90 Stefano

Rankings are based 50% on my opinion and 50% on how they come off from the show (judges comments, contestant comments/attitude, production storyline, etc.). By the way, Pia was rated 105 and her departure marks one of the first times my stats have ever been way off.