Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Grace Amazing

To the tune 'Friends in Low Places' by Garth Brooks
Written by Matthew & Katie for fun

Blame it all on my roots
That forbidden fruit
That God said would make them aware
Eve took and ate
And shared with her mate
They covered themselves and were scared
Then God came along
They knew they were wrong
They hid in the trees in their shame
Then God sought them out
And Adam cried out
But only to pass on the blame

But I got a friend
With grace amazing
Though my sins are scars
He can still erase ‘em
Take them far away
And I’ll be OK
Now all my life
I’m gonna chase Him
And I just can’t wait
Till the day I face Him
Cause I got a friend
With grace amazing

It’s been so long
But I’m just as wrong
But then, you’ve seen that I’m sure
That they fell is true
But I’m fallen too
Desperately needing a cure
And I looked in surprise
At the grace in His eyes
As he took my sin and my shame
Now I’m a new man
And I’m following his plan
And you’ll never hear me complain

Cause I got a friend...

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