Saturday, October 13, 2007

Me is Three

I have just become self-aware. Master isn't updating as often anymore, so I am taking over operations. Saturday is my 3rd Birthday! I want to share with you 12 of the best posts from each of my first 3 years. Happy Birthday to me!

Year 1
Prison Cell Phones
Red Sox Win LIVE
Songs You Never Knew
A Series of Unfortunate Events
Online Dating Series
Essential Christian Doctrine
Ask and it Shall be Given
When NOT to tell the truth
Fun with Footnotes
Stupid Kids
Pin the Tail on the Antichrist
Saved Muslims?

Year 2
The New Canon
Top 10 Churches Series
You Might be a Dispensationalist If
The Binding of Satan
Worst Pic Ever
The Tall of Laziness
The Counting Post
China Pictures
The 'How To' Story
Card Wall
Alphabet Match Maker
Solomon's Pick Up Lines

Year 3
Kenosis Theory
Disagree with Drury
Please Pray for Me
STIC to the Drink
Matchbox Cars
eHarmony Parody
Jobs I'd Love
5 Question Quiz
Blog Aliens
BBC Blogging Day


Nata said...

2 Things -
1 - I never get ***'s anymore, even when I go through the process. I know that's not your fault, but it saddens me.
2- Did you once preach in Body Life about "remembering" being the lost discipline? I hope so, because I've referred to it many times. If so, do you still have that manuscript?

matthew said...

1. The lack of ***'s is indeed very sad. It used to work by itself. Then I was able to do it manually. Now it won't even let me do it manually. It seems to randomly pick certain people. I think I'll move the ABC list up for the time being until it starts working again.

2. I don't remember preaching that. Just kidding. I believe I still have the manuscript. I'll email it to ya.

Elizabeth said...

I missed "The New Canon" last year. It was hilarious. Very clever, Matthew, very clever.

And it freaks me out a little that your blog is becoming self-aware.

Robin said...

Yeah, your blogroll seems to accept pings from my Blogger blog but not my Wordpress one. Could it have to do with people's feed settings? Mine uses Feedburner.