Thursday, May 21, 2009

History of Katie

A While back I changed my blogger screen name to TMNK (short for 'The Matthew Never Knew'), but an artist sent me an email saying he had full legal rights to the abbreviation (his stands for 'the me nobody knows'). Last week at my blogs annual meeting, we (my blog and I) decided to seek out a guest contributor to make up for my laziness in posting (and my writer's block). But alas, Obama was supposedly too busy so I ended up asking my wife Katie. So from now on, even though I'm not to use the abbreviation TMNK, you can think of it as short not only for 'The Matthew Never Knew,' but also for The Matthew-N-Katie. Of course, that isn't a complete thought, but it's the best I could come up with.

Here's a brief history of Katie being mentioned by name on my blog
1. She was complimented for her work on the 30hr Famine in February 2007
2. Her 4 golf scores were recorded in June 2007
3. When I fasted the internet that June, she and I hung out
4. She finished last in our 2007 MOST Golf outing
5. We rode down to Family Camp together in July 2007
6. We watched Henderson not climb a wall during camp
7. I announced that Katie was my girlfriend on September 8, 2007
8. I called her 'my super girlfriend' on October 4, 2007
9. We wrote a song together that same month
10. I said I was glad she was sick in December, 2007
11. She hated all my ideas to rename coffeehouse
12. Katie almost got us killed in March 2008
13. We went to see Monster trucks that same month
14. In May, we almost died again, but not really
15. I posted a pic of Katie & I at her mom's wedding
16. I beat her in golf in June 2008 too
17. We went to the Drive-in in late June
18. We enjoyed Family Camp again in 2008
19. We went to Niagara Falls a bunch last summer
20. She finished 2nd in MOST golf, much improved!
21. In October I announced our engagement!
22. In November I explained why we picked 12/31 to get married
23. This January we returned from our honeymoon
24. Later that month, she forced me to get the mark of the beast
25. Even later that month, I described our routine
26. She secretly taped me singing, I posted the video in February
27. I spoiled my birthday present... again!
28. In March we went on a pastor-spouse retreat
29. In April she helped me have a really bad day
30. Yesterday, she typed her first post on my blog

So there you have it. You are now all caught up on the blog history of Katie.


Katie said...

Interesting... was it exactly 30 times, or did you delete some to make it even?

matthew said...

I skipped a few (or a few dozen). But it was actually fun to look back like that :)