Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Pastor-Spouse Retreat

Highlights from the Mon-Tue Pastor-Spouse Retreat

1. This was my 1st year attending the WNY retreat (Though I was invited previously, I felt odd going to a pastor-spouse retreat as a single pastor). The retreat was held at the Millennium Hotel in Buffalo. The guest speaker was Steve Deneff.

2. This was my first 'live' hearing of Steve. I had heard him online and am reading his book 'More than Forgiveness.' He's a good, engaging speaker and shared some good tidbits.

3. Katie & I were glad to get away from the routine for a couple of days.

4. I got paid $3 to taste test some water at the mall while I was waiting for Katie to come out of a girly store. They asked me if I'd take part in a V8 test too, but I was afraid Katie might come out and think I was kidnapped.

5. We went and saw the movie "He's just not that into you." I was actually impressed. It was good, realistic, funny, clean, etc. Very strong cast. Not too sugar-coated.

6. We are almost out of Wedding present 'gift-certificates.' Either we will have to start spending our own money soon or we'll have to throw another wedding.

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