Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Spoiler

I may as well be nicknamed 'The Spoiler.' Last year, for my birthday, Katie was upset b/c my present was slow in coming via mail. One day I tried to trick her by saying it had for some reason come to my address instead of hers and I had gotten it. I didn't think this trick would work, but she blurted out, "The Buffalo Chips (a local vocal group I like) CD's went to YOU???" I felt sorta bad that I had tricked her, but low and behold the CD's just never showed up.

Skip forward about a year. I am about to go over to lead prayer meeting when I decide to be a good husband and take out the garbage. I dumped the 4 little garbage bags into the 1 big bag. As I am about to take the bag out of the apartment, I notice an envelope that says "Buffalo Chips" on it. Without thinking I blurt out "What did you get from the Buffalo Chips" while simultaneously realizing that the CD's had finally come and Katie had certainly wanted to give them to me for this year's birthday. Once again I felt bad.

But what are the chances of that trick working AND that envelope being right on top of the garbage I was taking out? I find this series of unfortunate events very amusing!


Anonymous said...

there is a lesson in here somewhere...its one i live by. do not take out the trash. hope this helps,

matthew said...

haha, good advice!