Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Yesterday I played mini-golf for the 2nd time this Summer. It took me 58 shots to finish, which is my worst performance on record. My goal is to get a 45, so I have a lot of work to do. But while I'm feeling bad about my real mini-golf game, I want to share with everyone that last year I perfected my online mini-golf skills. That's right, I got 18 straight hole in one's on the following course:

2007 Results
Matthew (58, 48, 45, 50, 48, 44, 44, 45, 49)
Lauren (68, 64, 58, 57, 59, 49)
Amanda (70, 69)
Katie (65, 67, 59, 56)
Mindy (54)
Jeff (55)
Nick (55)
Amanda (59)
Mandy (59)
Scott H (60)
Dad (51)
Mom (60)
Ryan (76)
Rozz (59)


Scott said...

Well, I have just got a 78 on the on-line course. I am none to pleased with my on-line performance. But, I will challenge you to a real mini golf game sometime soon. I am going to need alot of practice with my on-line game as you can see.

The AJ Thomas said...

I got one over par my first try in including 3 hole in ones and that was without reading the instructions

Jecca said...

i suck at real and fake mini-golf.

matthew said...

Yes, Scott, we'll definitely play sometime this summer ( I hope )

Nicely done AJ. Now get a perfect 18!

Jessica, you should come out and play mini-golf sometime. the course i play at isn't super far from you actually

Jecca said...

Maybe I will :)