Wednesday, July 11, 2007

MOST Mini Golf

My M.O.S.T. small group had fun playing mini-golf tonight. I had an advantage in that I've played at this place 5 times already this Summer whereas most of the others were there for the first time. Even still, my awesomeness cannot be explained away (strangely enough, though, nobody got a hole-in-1 the entire night). Here are the results:

44 Matthew
54 Mindy
55 Jeff
55 Nick
59 Amanda
59 Mandy
60 Scott
67 Katie


Chris & Melissa George said...

Matt, well done. When we get back from Australia we will have to go have a round on a "real" golf course. hehe. I'm sure Joe will go with us. Wanted to make you aware of our blog that we update our ministry on... If only I could putt like you can on the mini course on the real course, then I would have awesomeness as well.

matthew said...

Hey, thanks for the link Chris!

I have never tried actual golf. I am afraid I'd strike out! But everyone keeps asking me to try it

Just as a note to everyone who reads this. I added Chris & Melissa to the link list. Melissa went to bbc and Chris, even though he didn't, is related to bbc by marriage :)

I did, however, have to change melissa gilbert's name to missy in order to avoid much confusion.