Monday, June 30, 2008


Drive-Ins are still pretty big in my neck of the woods, but I hadn't gone to one in quite some time. Last night, though, Katie and I went to see 'Get Smart' and 'Kung-Fu Panda.' Both movies were slightly above average, but I was impressed with the Drive-In experience.

Arguments for Drive-In over Cinema
~ no sticky floors
~ allowed to bring your own food
~ still have option of buying food
~ you get 2 movies
~ comparable in cost
~ no struggle finding your car after
~ you can adjust the volume
~ fresh air available
~ more roomy (if you have right vehicle)
~ delightful dancing hot-dogs at half-time


Jecca said...

Saw Get Smart yesterday and I liked it too. I *love* drive-ins, though I can say I would not be thrilled about the dancing dead animal amalgamation, I mean, hot dogs.

Dena said...

Another reason-classic make out spot!

ron said...

Driev Ins are geart although I have not been to one for a movie in along time, (car is to small), I do think about going. Nice choice of movies!

Charity said...

I like to sit outside the car or on top of a car with a blanket or in the back of the pick up truck :) drive ins are the best :D

Bryan said...

If your pickup is too large they make you move to the back

Anonymous said...

Movie theatre advantages
You don't say up till three am
You don't get punished for driving pickup trucks
No mosquito's
No fumbling around with the radio