Friday, August 01, 2008

Friday @ Camp

~ Slept from 6am to 8:30am
~ Breakfast, final bible studies
~ Cleaned room, ate lunch
~ Packed car, played cards
~ Left around 3:10pm

This was my 23rd year of family camp. Overall, I'd say it ranks up as one of the best. It was great to share a vacation with Katie. I got to spend another great week with Aaron. A lot of my favorite people were there. Our church had the best attendance. Steve Wilson & Will MacFarlane did a great job. I got to teach 4 one-hour seminars. I mastered a new ping-pong strategy. I won a lot of card games. And I had a lot of good conversations and memories made.


Jecca said...

you left out the final milk total.

TMNK said...

oops. i only had 2 on friday. So my total was 25 (11 off my record). I wasn't really trying to break the record this time b/c i didn't want to get sick.