Monday, November 03, 2008

Why 12/31

I'm not sure if I put the date of my wedding on my previous 'engaged' post. Katie and I are going to be married on December 31st. Some have wondered why we picked this date. Here are some reasons (some are mildly romantic, others are otherwise).

1. I don't like long engagements. If I know I'm ready to ask someone to marry me, I know I'm ready to actually marry them. We've been together for over a year and we're ready.

2. For the past 3 or 4 years, Katie and I have participated in a New Year's Eve party at the church. This means that we've spent the transition from one year to the next together (even holding hands in a prayer circle) even when we were not yet a couple. So the 31st is meaningful to us in that way.

3. I like the idea of starting off 2009 in a truly fresh way. I didn't want to start another year not married to Katie.

4. Tax purposes (I told you they weren't all romantic)

5. It'll be easier for me to remember our anniversary and gives us the option to combine Christmas and Anniversary gifts into 1 more expensive gift, if necessary.

6. I was sort of thinking that a shorter engagement would prevent the wedding from becoming overly complicated and elaborate. Our wedding will still be fairly simple, but I'm partially amazed by all the details that can be added.


Kirk said...

Congrats and as an early wedding gift I blogged again this past weekend. I believe this last post will have extra significance to those who are BBC alumni and always wished they could be a "golden child".

Katie said...

My reasons for agreeing to December 31st follow along with Matthews...

1) I don't like long engagements. If I know I'm going to say yes if someone asks me to marry them, that means I'm ready as soon as possible. December 31st was probably the closest date to be able to plan a nice wedding and sill accomplish that.

2) Probably my biggest reason for liking December 31st. :-)

3) Yes.

4) Extra benefit

5) I'm sure I thought of that reason before Matthew!!!

6) "Simple but unavoidably large" doesn't mean we're ignoring the little details. I thrive on little details. It just means we're cutting out the things we don't like to do.. but what we will have will be great!

Jecca said...

yay! these reasons are fantastic. i'm convinced you only really need less than 3 months to plan a nice wedding. less than 2 might be even better.

Jo said...

I completely understand all this. Long engagements stink. We got engaged on Sept. 7 and got married on Dec. 1st--- So, two and .75 months.... The wedding was pulled off quite well, but we had a lot of help from our church. If I didn't have the help, I would have gone crazy, especially since I was providing full time child-care up to the week before the wedding (AND we live on an isolated island so, shopping is limitted). My advice to you, Katie, is to take at least a few weeks off of work before your wedding. Seriously. Less stress makes for a thoughtful, joyful commitment, and a happier memory.

Katie said...

Now that I think about it.. number 5 was probably the biggie for Matthew. He dislikes having to buy Christmas presents, so by combining Christmas and Anniversary he can feel like he's being frugal, beating the system, and keeping me happy all at the same time. :-)

Tammy Craig said...

All very good reasons, Matthew. I'm so very happy for both of you. :)

DJiddy said...

Congrats again man and btw if you ever do forget your anniversary and hear about it I will never ever let you live that down! lol