Saturday, June 16, 2007


This week, I have not done any chatting on MSN or surfing of the world wide web. Tonight at midnight this experiment will end. I was interested to find out what things about the internet I'd miss the most and how I'd spend the extra time.

So what did I miss? The thing I missed most was MSN. I like to have at least 1 good chat a day with someone, especially at night while I'm waiting to get tired. Another thing I missed was being able to find information instantly. Many times throughout the day I depend on the internet to quickly access such and such a fact, but this week I had to actually think or ask someone. I also missed reading your blogs and participating in message boards, but it wasn't super difficult to lay those things aside for a week.

How did I spend the extra time? I actually talked on the phone a bit. I'm not a phone person, so this was surprising. I went to Wal-Mart and Mini-golf with my friend Katie (who doesn't update her blog). I watched more movies than usual. I biked some. I played Xbox 360. I think I spent quite a bit more time with my family. I went to sleep about 1 hour or more earlier than usual each night.

It was a worthwhile investigative fast. I tend to think I'll spend less time online in the future. And the time I do spend online will be more purposeful.

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