Monday, January 26, 2009

The Routine

My weeks are pretty routine. For better or worse, I pretty much know exactly what I'll be doing most every hour of every week. Here's the run-down.

Preach @ Lockport
Teach SS @ Hess Rd.
Attend 2nd service @ Hess Rd.
Eat at soup fellowship
Finish prep for PM service
Teach PM service @ Hess Rd.
Enjoy evening with Katie

Get organized for week
Prepare men's group
Lead men's group
Play basketball w/guys

Do Houghton assignments
Prepare for small group or meeting
Lead small group/attend meeting
Enjoy evening with Katie
* one Tuesday night a month is free

Finish Houghton assignments
Prepare Prayer Meeting
Visit nursing home
Lead prayer meeting
Enjoy evening with Katie

Sleep in
Go to Houghton Program

Prepare Lockport Sermon
Prepare Sunday School
Prepare Sunday night service
Enjoy evening with Katie

Keep as free as possible
Finish prep if necessary

1 comment:

Katie said...

Our life isn't as mundane as it sounds. Honest.