Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Wednesday @ Camp

I slept in today on accident. Aaron woke me up at almost 11am. I missed breakfast :( The afternoon started out sorta slow too, but the day got better as it went along. Katie & I watched Aaron not climb a rock wall. We played Scattergories & Mille Borne. We watched Sahara. We finished season 2 of The Office. Service was good tonight, best so far. It's 3:18am now and I'm ready to try to sleep. Tomorrow is, sadly enough, the last full day of camp.


Regan said...

Thursday is always a bittersweet day at camp. You're trying to squeeze every last bit of goodness out of it because you know that on Friday you will have to go home.

At least it is for me because I like camp.

I can't believe you are watching "The Office" at camp! Our camp forbids cd players, gameboys, playing cards, and dice. If someone tried to watch a TV show, I can't imagine the censure that would follow!

matthew said...

Hey Regan. Yeah, thursday has been bittersweet. Prolly my favorite day, but sorta sad.

I'm glad our camp is pretty laid back. I think it's different b/c it's at the college and every room has high speed internet and whatnot.