Thursday, October 04, 2007

Office Party 2

Tonight I will miss 'The Office.' I have to help at a pro-life banquet. I will, of course, watch the episode when I return home later in the night, at which point I will leave my favorite quotes as a comment. Like Jessica, I really enjoyed last week's episode. I watched it 4 times: 1) With my super girlfriend Katie 2) by myself, that night, to collect quotes 3) With my mom and brother and 4) with my sister and brother. Each time was funnier than the former, except the 4th, which was a little less funny. I suppose 3 times is enough.


Jecca said...

I'm gonna miss it too! Diana and I are going to do a movie double feature at the dollar theatre and tonight was the only good night for the movies we are seeing. We will be sure to watch it when we get home and perhaps tomorrow I will post my quotes since I have to work early tomorrow. I watched last week's episode 3 times, and I agree...funnier than each time before, but I think 3 times was enough for me too.

Do you like the Jam/Dwangela developments?

Katie said...

I'm jealous! I only got to watch it once!!

matthew said...

Ok, I just watched tonight's episode. Not a very quote-able night in my opinion. More story-based. It had a strange feel to it actually, like the writers were really pushing hard to create chasms b/w the the viewers would pick sides.

In past seasons, you could pretty much like everybody at the same time, but look at all the 'versus' they put us through tonight

baskets vs. internet
michael vs. ryan
toby vs. jim
angela vs. dwight
creed vs. time
kelly vs. ryan
ryan vs. jan

Lots of conflict

The only character that comes off as truly being a villain is Ryan. It's harder to pick which 'side' to be on in the other vs. situations.

Surprising episode really. I thought they would play a bit more with the 'secret' jim/pam relationship, but they've brought that out into the open and broken up dwight/angela within the first 2 hours of season 4.

Overall, not my favorite episode, but it'll be interesting to see where they're headed.

I Lost You At Hello!!! said...

I thought Creed trying to look young was hilarious.

Robin said...

"If you don't think that's awesome, then... you need... awesome lessons"

Robin said...

PS - Personally I wish they'd stop the soap-opera-ish stuff and just be funny.

Aaron Perry said...

two things: i agree and it wasn't my favourite episode, either. they did try to redeem ryan in one way, however, by having him not want kelly fired. i love how they are making him out to be pathetic and a little pitiable.

second, i can't get the Ping! thing to work for my blog. i only get hits because of your blogrolling, so i really need it to work. can you check into it?

Jadon & Amberly's Mommy said...

Yeah, I'mnot getting ping!'d either. I have tried updating everything on my blog to make it work.

Mommy Rader said...

I totally agree Office-wise!! I found it hard to put my finger on exactly what seemed to be off with it. Over-all I was somewhat dissapointed, but will be waiting on the edge of my seat for next weeks show nevertheless :) I do find it interesting, however, that in only the first two episodes of the season, Michael managed to 1)hit Meredith with his car and 2) drive his car into a lake. Classic. My fav parts of the show thus far: Every time Jim looks into the camera when someone says/does something stupid. Love it!

matthew said...

sorry about the pinglessness guys and girls. There's really nothing I can do about it except to say it has stopped working at times in the past as well and usually comes back eventually.

Jecca said...

This was far from my favorite episode. The softer characters seem to have taken on an edge, namely Phyllis and Pam. And Dwight, whose edge I used to love, is so soft now. I hate that he and Angela broke up. And I agree with Robin...I wish it was less soap-opera-ish and more funny like it used to be. Anyway, these are my quotes from this week:

"My heart soars with the eagle's nest." (MS)

"Yeah, Ryan snapped at me, but there was this twinkle in his eye that I picked up on which said, 'Dude, we're friends. I'm doing this for appearances. I am the big boss now and I have to seem like an ogre but you know me and you trust me and we like each other and we'll always be friends and I would never take you for granted in a million years and I miss you, man, and I love you. His words.' (MS)

"New ideas are fine, but they are also illegal." (MS)

"Where are the TURTLES???!!!" (MS)

"HAND -- OVER -- THE -- TURTLES -- NOW!!!" (DS)

"May I have your attention please? This office will not be using any new technology ever, starting now. (That is not correct.)" (MS/RH)

"A machine told me to drive into a lake. And I did it. I did it because I trusted Ryan's precious technology. And look where it got me. (Into a lake.) Exactly." (MS/JH)

"Computers are about trying to murder you in a lake." (MS)

Jecca said...

Deleted scenes quotes (so far) that I forgot to add:

"He is my protege. He is someone that I hand-raised, that I nurtured. He is like a prime cut of veal whom I nourished with my milk. And now he is also my boss. So, win-win." (MS about RH)