Sunday, February 17, 2008

Name Game

Our church has a 'Maranatha Coffeehouse' on the 2nd Saturday of each month. But it really needs a name change b/c 1) nobody really knows what Maranatha means and 2) it's a whole meal (not just coffee). Basically, it's a really good meal served alongside an open mic for anyone wishing to sing. And we want a name that truly reflects what it is. Unfortunately, I came up with 22 suggestions during our 2nd service today and my girlfriend, Katie, didn't like any of them:

1. M.O.S.S.*
2. Praise & Plate
3. Breaking Bread & Windows
4. Mic & a Meal
5. Katie's Kitchen
6. Karaoke Kitchen
7. Karaoke Cafe
8. The Finer Diner**
9. Saturday Sing-Spiration
10. Yummy Yodels
11. Meet & Eat
12. Appleton Idol***
13. Saturday Night Alive
14. Guitar & Gruel
15. Dinner Rock-n-Roll****
16. The Sing Eater*****
17. The Full Gospel******
18. Meetchya, Sing & Things*******
19. Table for You
20. Restauration********
21. Enlivened Bread*********
22. DoeRayMeal**********

Can you come up with something better?
Hess RoadHouse Cafe
Singfully Delicious
Full Plate, Open Mic
The Burp & Slurp
Saturday Night Supper & Songs
Fellowship, Food & Fun Night
Bite Me
The Gracey Spoon
Holy Chow
Hess Rd. Fork & Croon

* Meet On Second Saturday
** Seinfeld Reference
*** Appleton is name of our town
**** Play on 'Dinner Roll'
***** Play on 'Sin Eater'
****** You know, b/c you get full
******* Play on Pizza, Wings & Things
******** Restaurant/Restoration
********* Play on Unleavened Bread
********** Play on Doe Ray Me etc.


Jan said...

Very creative! How can Katie not like at least one of those hehe.

Jecca said...

'praise and plate' made me laugh for some reason. out of the list, i am partial to 'meet & eat'...i have no other ideas for you.

Dena said...

Wow, I definitely see Katie's p.o.v. But I guess if forced to pick, I'd second Jecca with 'Meet and Eat'. But they are all a little (sorry) lame and churchy. Some are just downright cheesy. Good luck...

matthew said...

Katie's mom suggested 'Hess RoadHouse Cafe' b/c our church is Hess Road Wesleyan

Anonymous said...

I also kind of like 'meet and eat' but I also would like to suggest 'Singfully Delicious' (or something)

The AJ Thomas said...

I'd call it "Full Plate, Open Mic"

I Lost You At Hello!!! said...

I think you should add The Burp and Slurp.

Steph said...

I'm sorry, but all of those are bad bad bad - but in the "corny church bad" kind of way, so if thats what you're going for, any would work.

I do like Hess roadhouse Cafe tho

Katie said...

The problem is none of us what the "corny church bad" EXCEPT for Matthew and Pastor Joe

Kelly said...

First of all, I think it's cute that you refer to her as "my girlfriend, Katie," like "Yeah, what? She's my girlfriend!" Also, she's smart. You should definitely listen to her.

Scott said...

How about " Saturday Night Supper and Songs " or "Fellowship ,Food and Fun Night"

I Lost You At Hello!!! said...

How About "Bite Me"

Elliott said...

The Gracey Spoon *********************

********************* Play on Greasy Spoon

matthew said...

haha, thanks all for your comments, suggestions, etc. I did post this under the 'comedy' section, so don't worry about making me feel bad, haha

Katie said...

I want to go on record saying that I like Kelly, but I do acknowledge that I'm not smart enough to proof read my post so it came out "what the" instead of "want the"

Oh well.. live and learn!

Bryan said...

How about holy chow:)

matthew said...

haha, great suggestions everybody!

Anonymous said...

These were good suggesions. We should do coffee house again since there's a lot more people at our church now than there was when we canceled coffee house. We should not do it as often as we did before so it will get boring after a while, though. Like once a month or every 2 months.

Terry said...

By the way, that last comment was from Terry.