Thursday, July 12, 2007

#6 Comment Unto Others

If you've been following my '10 Commandments of Blogging' series then you've already learned how to:

#1 Pick a Platform
#2 Win the Name Game
#3 Find your True Colors
#4 Hit Your Target
#5 Be Consistent

But many blogging beginners have kept the first 5 commandments and still nobody visits their blog. Perhaps the most common question among bloggers is 'How can I get more comments?' Here are some tips to increase your blog interaction levels

1. Make commenting quick and painless
People are amazingly lazy these days. I once didn't visit one of my favorite websites for over a month simply b/c it wouldn't 'remember' my password and I didn't feel like typing it in each time. You're more likely to get comments if you allow for anonymous commenting & eliminate word verification. I don't use word verification and I hardly ever get spam comments. And even if you do, they can be fun!

2. Comment on people's comments
If someone takes the time to comment on your blog, it is good internet etiquette for you to take the time to respond to them. This can be done in 2 ways that carry their own advantages. Way #1 involves responding to their comment on THEIR blog. This will make them happy (since people like to get comments) and more likely to comment on your blog again. Way #2 involves responding to their comment on YOUR blog. This doubles your amount of comments and tricks people into thinking your blog is super popular.

3. Comment on their Blogs
Comment unto others as you would have them comment unto you. Commenting on other blogs accomplishes a lot. First, it alerts the other blogger to the fact that you have a blog. Second, it connects a positive emotion (getting a blog comment) with a picture of you in their head, which can only have positive results for your blog. Third, cross-commenting makes the blog world go round. It only takes a spark to set that world on fire. You can be that spark.


Regan said...

Well, I'm pretty bad at all those other commandments, but I guess I can do this one.

That's sneaky, you know, making a "commandment" that gets people to comment on your blog.

matthew said...

sneaky, but it only got me 1 comment, haha