Thursday, April 05, 2007

#3 Your True Colors

Last Thursday, in our '10 Commandments of Blogging' series, we talked about the name game and how important it is to create a title that CATCHES the attention of your readers and CONVEYS the purpose of your blog. Almost as important, though, is the COLOR scheme you select for your blog.

Let me illustrate to you the importance of a winning color scheme. A few years back, the Buffalo Sabres new owner changed from the colors of the team from classic blue/gold to a supposedly more hip black/red scheme. Fans didn't like it. It seemed everyone was moving to black jerseys and Buffalo fans wanted to remain different. This season, with a new owner again, the Sabres went back to their blue/gold tradition. And they're going to win the Cup! Bottom line? Colors are important.

How did you select the colors for your blog? Did you just stick with a template provided by blogger? I don't recommend that unless it's a really good looking template. I say, pick your favorite colors. My favorite colors are charcoal, blue & bright green. Granted, my colors were, reportedly, too bright at first, but that problem has since been corrected.


Dena said...

I pretty much picked my favorite colors. Blue has been may favorite since before I can remember. I find it to be generally calming, and non-assaulting. Green seemed to be a nice compliment and came on one of the templates I liked, so it was a good choice. I think the colors in someone's blog should be some-what be representative of them. If, let's say Liz Brewer, picked black with red flames for her scheme, I would find it very ill-fitting. On the other hand, if Lindy had pink toile or girly flowers, I would think she sold out.

matthew said...

haha, good point Dena :)

Tammy Craig said...

Blue's always been my favorite color, so I was happy to find a template with blue that I liked. Unfortunately, though, I'm not too computer savvy in the website ways, so I wouldn't even know how to change my colors, lol. Oh, well!

On another note, Matthew, do you know any definite plans yet as to what you're doing when you come up?

JHW said...

Hi Matt,

I just wanted to say hi. It's been a while. I started a new blog (tried to make it look like the old one) It is not real colorful.

Calvin said...

i just picked a template for wordpress that Mia and I both agreed on. Never know, it may change.