Thursday, May 24, 2007

#5 Consistency is King

#1 Pick the Platform
#2 Win the Name Game
#3 Find Your True Colors
#4 Hit Your Target

The 5th Commandment of Blogging is "Thou Shalt Be King of Consistency" or, in a contemporary translation, "You should be an asexual leader in consistency." Either way, consistency is super important in the blogosphere. Any store would go out of business if it promised regular hours only to open once in a blue moon. Likewise, don't blog promises you don't intend to keep. The dying breath of many blogs includes the whisper "I'm going to start posting more regularly."

'Regularly,' of course, needn't mean the same thing to all bloggers. I regularly post every day, but for someone else one post a week may suffice. My recommendation, however, is that you don't post randomly, but regularly (interestingly, 'random' is a blogger buzz word so it's not surprising that bloggers often break this commandment). If you find yourself blogging about once a week, pick a specific day and claim it as your own. Is it Monday again? Post away. Or do a Drury and take Tuesday. Whatever. Tell your readers when you're open for business and then make good on your promise.

In my observation, most bloggers should pick 1 day a week and claim it as their own. But if you're up for it pick more than 1 day (the more days, the more traffic). Just be consistent. And, just for your information, here are the stats from my blog showing what days have the most blog traffic:

11.8% Sunday
13.9% Monday
16.1% Tuesday
15.4% Wednesday
14.6% Thursday
14.5% Friday
13.8% Saturday


Robin said...

You know what annoys me? Not only when people blog infrequently, but when every post begins with "wow, I haven't blogged since..." or "sorry for the long absense..." Blogging about not blogging. Hmm.

matthew said...

I've seen as many as 3 consecutive posts be about a lack of posts on a blog before :)

Blogging about blogging (what i'm doing here) is bad enough, but blogging about not blogging is even worse!