Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Idol Finals

Well, I just watched the final performances from each of the American Idol finalists. I agree with Simon that Blake's 1st performance was great. Jordin, though she sounded awesome, also seemed a bit nervous on her first attempt. In the second round I really liked that Blake sang a song straight through without the beat box stuff. It sounded very good, but Jordin sounded spectacular on the Martina Mcbride song. And in the final round I felt bad for Blake. That song didn't fit his style at all and '7' is being generous. The song was perfect for Jordin and she blew it out of the water AND got the tears going at the end which will win some more votes. For the entire season Jordin ends up with 150 points and I declare her the winner and the current American Idol.
Jordin 8,9,9 (150)
Blake 9,8,7(139)


I Lost You At Hello!!! said...

Apparently the rumour is the want the wookie to win. They being the people behind Ameican Idol Worship. Blake is a cheesy wannabe. Do I care who wins? No. Both of their debut cds will be $5.99 in a bargain bin after their first month of release. Useless music from a useless competition. (except for Kelly)

Elliott said...

Hey. I need some ***'s. I blogged last night and I am off the bstared list... what up wit dat?

matthew said...

Hey Elliott. The blogroller service is very sporadic in its workingness. And so I have been doing the ***'s manually whnever I feel like it (every few days).


You can, at ANY time, give yourself ***'s by clicking on the link at the top of the list and inserting your name and URL whenever you update.

Jecca said...

I want Jordin to win. Either way, they will both be famous. I think Blake would be better off releasing his own cd instead of an American Idol cd.