Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Actors Updated

A Great Movie earns you 3 points
A Good Movie earns you 1 point
An Average Movie counts for nothing
A Bad Movie costs you 2 points

Here are the results so far:
Tom Hanks: 17pts
Jim Carrey: 15pts
Morgan Freeman: 11 pts
Robin Williams: 11pts
Tom Cruise: 9pts
Denzel Washington: 8pts
Brad Pitt: 7pts
Harrison Ford: 7pts
Matthew McConaughey: 7 pts
Julia Roberts: 6 pts
Meg Ryan: 6 pts
Mel Gibson: 6pts
Arnold Schwarzenegger: 6pts
Kevin Spacey: 5 pts
Jena Malone: 5pts
Bruce Willis: 4 pts
Kevin Costner: 4 pts
Sandra Bullock: 4 pts
Tim Robbins: 3pts
Nicolas Cage: 2 pts
Adam Sandler: 1pt
Jack Black: 0pts
Drew Barrymore: 0pt
Natalie Portman: -1 pt
Matthew Perry: -3pts
Ed Harris (not yet ranked)

* no link ='s recently qualified

Rules I've Made Up Along The Way:
1. No animated/computerized/cartoon voice acting stuff counts 2. The actor must have played a major role in the movie, not some two minute cameo. 3. I had to have seen over 90% of the movie UNLESS it was so bad that I turned it off. 4. I must have seen them in at least seven movies that fit rules 1-3.

Near Qualifiers
Dustin Hoffman
Will Ferrell
Heath Ledger
Cameron Diaz


Anonymous said...

how would you rate these? edward norton paul giamatti ed harris gary oldman mike (no rating necessary)

matthew said...

well, i can't "officially" rank them until they qualify (been somewhat main characters in at least 7 movies I've seen) :)

Ed Norton is currently at 6 movies and currently has 4 points. I think he's an awesome actor, especially in 'primal fear'

Paul Giamatti is tough b/c he's been in a lot of movies, but not always as a top tier character. I'd give him credit for 4 movies and about 2 points so far

Thanks for mentioning Ed Harris. I just looked it up and he qualifies (7 movies). I'll have to post about him soon. He may have 6-8 points, or in that range

Gary Oldman I'm not too familiar with. I think he suffers from the fact that he looks quite different in all his movies. So I never realize that he's in stuff. I think I've seen him in 4 movies, but I'm not even sure who he was in them!

Anonymous said...

ok (i guess i should read the rules). mike