Saturday, February 07, 2009

Morgan Freeman

I found it difficult to rank Morgan Freeman within my system b/c he's seldom a lead character. I gave him 3 pts each for being the among the leads in 2 of my favorite all-time movies. His role in some of the 'good' movies is sometimes quite minor. In the end, he's among the leaders.


Shawshank Redemption
Robin Hood Prince of Thieves
Bruce Almighty
Evan Almighty
The Dark Knight
Million Dollar Baby
Deep Impact
Sum of All Fears
Batman Begins

Current Total: 11 points


Dena said...

And perhaps the best of all...Driving Miss Daisy!?

Aaron Perry said...

I really liked Batman Begins, although his role in that movie was fairly minor. I think part of what makes Freeman so good is his ability to deliver humor from that minor role without it being more than an addition. He knows how to make his role about the story, rather than make the story about his role.

You should watch Stand By Me with Freeman. It's a good movie, based on the true story of a high school principal's leadership of a sinking school. It might be tough to find.

Nata said...

I'm a sucker for "Stand by Me". It used to be on practically every weekend...

Nata said...

Oh, and I loved him in "The Bucket List". And I agree with Dena about "Driving Miss Daisy".

matthew said...

Yeah, there are definitely some Freeman movies I need to see. I am sure I can get them on Netflix. I'll have a Morgan Freeman week.

Jecca said...

"An Unfinished Life" should be added. And definitely Bucket List

DJ said...

Um, what about the Bucket List & Lucky Number Slevin? I know the Bucket List was already said but how can no one of mentioned Lucky Number Slevin?