Sunday, March 15, 2009

Elephant Sermon

Today I preached on "The Elephant in the Room"

The sermon was based on John 21:15-19. Despite the joy of resurrection, Peter still had the issue of his denials to deal with. They were the 'elephant in the room' of Peter's life. Jesus confronted Peter with gentleness in asking him, three times, if he loved him. Peter, it seems to me, dialogued with Jesus with honesty and humility and was, therefore, restored to the twin tasks of serving and following Jesus. His past failures had been brought out into the open and dealt with. The elephant had left the building.


Anonymous said...

Hey.... that was one awesome sermon. My sister hasn't been in church since once about 10 years ago and about 10 years prior to that. She's going through some stuff right now and really got alot out of your message! I love how God works things out that way!! Anyway... I wanted to let you know and say THANKS!! She might appreciate a tape of that sermon.... do we still do that? Donna C

matthew said...

Hey Donna. Glad to hear that :) I will check to see if they taped it. They usually do.