Saturday, March 21, 2009

Why No Idol?

You may be wondering why I'm not posting about American Idol, especially since I hinted at doing so once we got into the Top 12. My excuse is that it's hard to post about something I haven't seen! I am hardly ever home at the correct time and we (by which I mean KATIE) keep forgetting to order the DVR (which, Katie, will cost us $0 dollars).

Katie & I haven't even been watching our favorite show "The Office" for much the same reason, except in that case we agreed to just wait till it comes out on DVD (we hate commercials). I do watch Lost, but in chunks with my mom (she has a DVR). So when Katie & I actually do watch television at our place it is almost exclusively through Netflix and is currently a combination of Hogan's Heroes and I Dream of Jeannie, haha!


Katie said...

I love you sweetie :-)

matthew said...

i tried to start a fight and you said 'i love you'? u 2 nice :)

Lindy said...

Luke and I got a DVR last month and it's awsome. I highly recomend it.

BTW- you should give Kings a try. Biblical story of Saul and David set in modern times...kind off. I thought it was very interesting and fun to watch. It's on Sunday nights (I think), so DVR is the only way I would watch it.

Katie said...

I just want to let everyone know that Matthew now has a DVR.