Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Grading the Texts

Previously I graded the 7 text books for my class on Wesleyan Theology. Presently, I will grade the 7 texts for my class on Theology, Faith & Culture.

B+ Everyday Theology by Vanhoozer
I thought this was a good book about how to interpret cultural texts with some of the same basic skills we use to interpret the Scriptures. It showed the importance of interpreting these texts which, unfortunately, are often much more influential than the Scriptures in the lives of those who try to minister to. Vanhoozer is solid, but much of the book is made up of examples of this interpretation by his students. Some of them are not well done, preventing this book from getting an 'A'

B Church After Christendom by Murray
I thought this book was a helpful, if choppy, manual for thinking through the issues of how to build a community of faith in a post-christian culture. This book was quite different from the other 6 texts in style

B Brands of Faith by Einstein
It was sometimes difficult to follow what her opinion was, but she gave a thorough discussion of the problems and potentials of faith in a consumer based culture.

B- Consuming Religion by Miller
Basically the same topic as above, but less optimistic (maybe more realistic?). Sometimes a difficult read.

B- A Theology of the Built Environment by Gorringe
Much more interesting than the title indicates. It's mostly about what architecture says about us and what it says to us. It discusses differences between town and country. Stuff like that.

C Convergence Culture by Jenkins
I didn't like this book as much as I expected. I felt like it was just a long list of gadgets and websites. His point was either common sense or not as interesting as is sometimes indicated.

C- A Matrix of Meanings by Detweiler/Taylor
I thought this book was surprisingly liberal. The authors seemed to think that pretty much every cultural text is a good sermon. Big stretches were made throughout.

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