Monday, November 24, 2008

Grading the Texts

One of the two courses I've been taking this semester is on Wesleyan theology. Since I get graded on my responses to these texts, I think it only fair that I grade the texts themselves.

A Responsible Grace by Randy Maddox
Our Prof. said this was the hottest Wesleyan book out there and I can see why. It was a well-written and well-argued book placing God's grace and human response-ability at the center of Wesleyan theology.

A- Good News to the Poor by Theo Jennings
This is a liberation theology. Jennings passionately makes an argument for a preference for the poor. He heavily quotes Wesley. I think some of his quotes and scriptural references are taken too far, but it's a good book to stir us up.

B God and the World by John Cobb
I very much disagree with Cobb, but he was passionate and argued his position as best as it could be argued. He's a process theologian.

B Doxology by Geoffrey Wainwright
This book looks at theology from the perspective of worship/liturgy. An interesting book, but way longer than it needed to be.

C+ The New Creation by Theo Runyon
Not much to disagree with, but Runyon's book just isn't as strong as Maddox'. I thought it was sort of bland.

C Scriptural Christianity by Thomas Oden
This book aims to put Wesley thoughts and quotes into systematic categories. It may be a good quick reference, but I found the format of the book annoying.

C Practical Divinity by Thomas Langford
These 2 volumes highlight some key people in Wesleyan theological history with brief biographies and portions of their writings. Good idea, but he seemed to pick a good number of boring entries.

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