Tuesday, March 11, 2008

5 Most Visited

What 5 sites do I visit the most?

1. The Matthew Never Knew
My own blog is my home-page. That's right, I'm really self-centered!
2. The Buffalo Range
A message board with Bills, Sabres, Political & Religious discussion
3. Bible Forums
A Christian message board
4. Yahoo Sports
To check scores, stats, news & my fantasy teams
5. BibleGateway
I type and click faster than I turn pages

What are your top 5?


Mommy of Three said...

Hotmail, facebook, cnn, michnews.com, my blogspot

Lindy said...

My e-mail, my blog, your blog, theooze.com, time.com

Netflix is a close 6th.

Jecca said...

gmail, yahoo, myspace, facebook, mae forums

Sarah Gomez said...

in no order cause I'm lazy:

facebook, my email, my google reader, and I don't know what else :) I'll have to think about it.

Sarah said...

got it -- sorry I"m spacy.

4 and 5 (still in no order) are probably currently petfinder.com and Shippensburg University site

Josephine said...

CNN (homepage), my email, facebook, your blog. The fifth alters between dooce.com and some emergent movement sites.

Katie said...

My email, you're blog, netflix, facebook, and the youth group's website