Sunday, March 09, 2008

Sunday Sermon

What Makes You a Christian?

~most americans say they're christians
~constantine & the 'nominal christian'

1) Is it admitting God exists?
2) Is it coming from a Christian family?
3) Is it reading your bible?
4) Is it attending church?
5) Is it praying a prayer to avoid hell?
6) Is it praying a prayer to gain heaven?

No, what makes you a Christian is...

Following Christ

*Pretty simple sermon, bolder tone


Aaron Perry said...

I would like to hear more about Constantine's part in the sermon.

matthew said...

I used Constantine as sort of a birthplace for 'nominal' Christianity in that, generally, before him only an idiot would 'pretend' to be a Christian whereas after him, generally, a lot of people felt compelled to claim Christian status.