Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Idol #12

Who should get voted off? Who will get voted off? I'm really enjoying this season of American Idol. Here are my rankings for this week: Chekeze blew me away. I didn't think he was that talented an entertainer. I gave him 25 out of 30 possible points. Brook, David & Carlie received 23 points on my score sheet. I really like Brooke as a person and as a performer. I hope David makes it into the final 4 or 5, at least. Carlie is a great singer and does well every week. I gave 22 points to Jason & Amanda. Jason has one of my favorite voices on the show. Amanda always does her thing at a high level, but it's not my sort of thing. Syesha & Michael both get 21 points. I thought both underperformed, especially Michael who I'm hoping steps it up big time in coming weeks. 19 points for David Hernandez. The judges were right about him. He overdid his song. I'm tired of him. 18 points for Kristie, David A. & Ramiele. Kristie's song seemed high on some kind of drug. David was way off. Ramiele was, as the judges said, extremely boring.

Of those bottom 4, only David A. is safe (based on his 'favorite' status). I'd guess that David Hernandez, Kristie Leigh Cook & Ramiele Mulaby are all in danger of getting voted off. My guess is that Ramiele will be idol #12.

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Jecca said...

i surprisingly really enjoy David H's voice, but I'm not sure if I like *him*. There are a few others I would have rather seen leave this week, but he had to go some time.