Friday, December 07, 2007

City of God 5

I didn't like the beginning of the final section of Augustine's "City of God," but it got better as it went forward. Here are some of the views Augustine took in part 5:

~ Against the idea of 'Christian Perfection'
~ Against 'health & wealth' gospel
~ For the 'just war' theory
~ For the immortality of the soul
~ For physical discipline
~ For the 'closed' canon
~ Against a church 'dress code'
~ For 'eternal torment' view of hell
~ For amillennialism
~ For end-times convesion of Jews
~ For present binding of Satan
~ For a lesser continuation of miracles
~ For the beauty of male beards
~ For the historical evidence of resurrection
~ For earthly memories in eternity
~ For 7 ages of history, we being in the 6th

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Robin said...

I have to agree with his view of beards.