Thursday, December 06, 2007

Bad B Ball

My Basketball buddies and I didn't have a good night. We have some major differences of opinions regarding the rules of basketball. In this post, I simply want to flesh out some of the reasons why the past few weeks have produced growing tension.

~ Part of the problem, I think, is the 8 years of age difference b/w them and me. Believe it or not, basketball has changed a lot since I was a teenager. The game is a lot more '1 on 1' now instead of team oriented. I get a bit frustrated by the lack of give-n-go's, pick-n-rolls, effort on the boards, and general movement. They just don't play the way I'm used to playing and, being competitive, this isn't helpful. It's more of a show-off circus that team basketball.

~ Part of the problem is simply a disagreement about which rules we are playing with. I'm of the mentality that we should play by basic High School/NCAA rules. I've always been rule oriented. I don't have fun in chaos. My friends are of the mentality that 2 vs. 2 is much more of a free-for-all. No 5 second rule. No charging fouls. I really think we need to agree on a set of rules. Eliminating those 2 rules gives the bigger players a huge advantage, so my competitive nature gets frustrated by their absence.

~ Part of the problem may be what we're looking for each Wednesday night. I'm looking for exercise & competition. They seem to be looking more for fun. Like I said, I don't fool around well. I like to play seriously. They like to try to tap the ball on the head of the player guarding them whereas if you do that in a real game the other team will take a swing at ya.

~ Part of the problem is my poor play recently. Usually we have 4 people playing. I like 2 vs. 2. When only 3 of us are present we have to play '21' which I hate. I don't have a lot of 1 on 1 skills and I'm not a teen anymore. I get worn out fast. We had a streak where we only had 3 on quite a few nights so I was getting frustrated. I think that's when I started getting tired of the circus-like rulelessness.

So here is my proposal/compromise
1. I'll waive the 5 second rule
2. I'll never call a charge
3. They can't fool around during games
4. They must bring a 4th person
5. No negative comments


Aaron Perry said...

I get pretty competitive, too... So, I hear where you're coming from.

bryan said...

this one is too easy. just get a big guy who charges a lot and play w/ him against them. they will change their mind about the chargin rule. Next negitive comments and bounceing the ball off the opponents head gives a free shot to the other team. As far as the fourth person you just need a phone a friend.

Rach said...

hey... i got booted the othernight and didn't feel like messing with getting back on. so sad on the night of our glorious reunion. anyways... talk soon, maybe?

matthew said...

hope so rach :)