Saturday, December 08, 2007


Today I went to a 'God & Science' discussion hosted by Canisius College. I went because I'm in the midst of a series on creation so I thought I might pick up some interesting insights. The first speaker shared about the 'fine tuning' argument for the existence of God. The second speaker shared about the relationship between faith and reason. But the most interesting thing was the Q&A period. There were a number of passionate atheists in attendance and they pressed the second speaker on what he considers the best 'evidence' for Christian belief. I was quite shocked that his answer was a story about how a butterfly appeared to his mom and a very sad moment in her life. This is the type of individualistic 'evidence' that atheists scoff at. What an opportunity to focus in on the resurrection of Jesus Christ! I talked to the other speaker afterwards and he shared my disappointment that the question was answered in the way it was. Nevertheless, I found an interesting book am excited to teach tomorrow night.

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Bryan said...

that was indeed a strange way to answer that question. When dealing with an argument like that I would rather hit a home run than a single if you know what i mean