Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The Multiverse

I'm hearing more and more about 'The Multiverse' in philosophical discussions. Basically, since the 'fine tuning' argument has been gaining momentum, many naturalists have admitted that random chance cannot account for life in our universe. But instead of attributing life to a Creator, naturalistic philosophers have theorized that there are a nearly infinite amount of parallel universes and that 'life' was bound to show up on some of them. Thus, instead of there being 1 universe, there are a multitude (multiverses).

To be blunt, this is incredibly stupid on multiple levels. First of all, believing that there are a multitude of universes compounds the question of origins. It's hard enough to explain the matter of our universe minus a Creator, let alone the matter in millions of universes. Secondly, by definition, the multiverses are impossible to observe. They are not 'too far away' and we are not lacking the proper technologies. They exist completely separate from our own universe. It's baffling to me that naturalists will refuse to accept an 'unobservable' Creator, but get excited about an unobservable multiverse!


bryan said...

sounds like multiexcuses to me!

glo said...

some one read a few to many comics as a child.

matthew said...

yes, i am very surprised by the growing number of atheistic philosophers that go this route