Wednesday, December 05, 2007

I'm Dreaming of...

I had a strange dream. It was really like 2 separate dreams, but they were linked together. It started out with a mother and her two children living in a small town. One day, their home was invaded by some bad guy who forced them out onto the wrap-around porch. Somehow, he managed to make them 'live' on the porch for many years while he lived inside. They could use the yard once in a while and did so by playing with remote controlled cars. But eventually the son decided it was time to take action. He led a revolt against the bad guy. But there was no clear-cut winner of the war. Everybody was just tired. The bad guy decided that he would indeed leave the house, but the family had to go with him! So the 4 of them left in some type of tiny vehicle. They eventually arrived at some kind of hotel.

That's where the dream transitioned. All of the sudden there were 5 people. The bad guy was the same, but now there were 4 hostages: 2 guys and 2 girls. For some reason the 2 guys had to pretend to be girls, and all 4 were dressed almost identically. The hotel room consisted of 3 rooms. The bad guy had his own room. Then there was a room with 4 beds for the hostages. Then there was a bathroom with 4 stalls. The bad guy had a video feed so he could watch the 4 at all times.

After some time, 1 of the guys and 1 of the girls got so annoyed by the situation that they went into the bathroom and considered attempting an escape. The guy took off his girl outfit briefly, but then regretted it. They were afraid the bad guy had seen this, so they walked into his room, but he appeared oblivious. Nevertheless, they decided to reveal the truth of their genders anyway. The bad guy was relieved. He said he was tired of being a 'bad' guy just like the one guy was tired of pretending to be a girl. He promised that the next morning they'd all be free.

But once the 4 friends were in bed, the bad guy came in and started the curtains on fire. He truly was fed up with being a bad guy though and was quite willing to die in the fire. Unfortunately for his plan, the fire was easily smothered by a towel. The bad guy surrendered to the will of the 4, but they offered him friendship and the group went on their way with a world of possibilities before them.


bryan said...

what on earth did you eat before you went to bed

matthew said...

Ritz Crackers :)