Thursday, August 02, 2007

Thursday @ Camp

Today Aaron was in charge, but he slept most of the morning. I made it to breakfast and won Dutch Blitz afterwards. I also organized a plan to visit 51 homes in 1 day on a bike rally sometime later this summer/fall. After lunch, we went to the basement and played ping pong, Dutch Blitz & Scattergories till Supper. After supper I hung out with Katie for a while and then went to service, which was good again. Then I played 4 rough games of basketball, so I was pretty much worn out and disgusting. But a shower has remedied that and I'm ready for another night of fun. Lata.


Jecca said...

I'm glad you've had such a good time! Have a safe trip back today.

Jadon & Amberly's Mommy said...

And when you get back it's time for the monthly over-due BBC blogger awards.'re slacking.

K-dog said...

I love Dutch Blitz!

matthew said...

Thanks Jessica :)

Kayla, I did think about blogger awards, but didn't bother to do it during camp. I will get it done within the next days

K-dog :) I love dutch blitz too. I think I like Trix (oh poop) a lil better, but b/w those 2, mille bornes & phase 10, card-games are hours of entertainment. Of course, it's more to do with the poeple you're playing with than the game you're playing.