Friday, August 03, 2007

Friday @ Camp

Thursday after midnight (so, technically Friday) we were playing 'Trix' (Oh Poop, to some) before another night of some "The Office" episodes. We almost made it to 4am, but I still managed to wake up for breakfast. After packing up our rooms, loading the cars & turning in keys, we went to the closing rally. After that, we bought some last second books from the campus store before lunch. Then we drove to a mini-golf place. I won with a 51. Aaron had a 52. Katie had a 55. Nice & close. After I dropped Katie off, I floated in the pool and talked with my little sister for about an hour or so. Now I'm about to unpack or something. Here's a family camp top 10 in no particular order:

1. 55 people from Hess Road Wesleyan!
2. A mighty missional message from Mike
3. Upstate Farms Chocolate Milk
4. Basketball w/Nate, Phil, Cam & Pat
5. Tennis, Ping-Pong & Can-Jam
6. Trix, Dutch Blitz, Phase 10, etc
7. The Office on the projector
8. Having Aaron & Katie to be with
9. Seeing fellow pastors & old friends
10. Having a week to not think a lot


~Katie said...

You know, just one sentence descriptions of that week make us sound like really boring people.
Unfortunately, compared to Phil and Chris climbing up INTO the celing above the dorm rooms, we are boring!

matthew said...

i'm content with being a boring person, as long as i have fun doing it :)

i didn't know phil & chris went climbing in the ceiling. When was that? haha