Sunday, July 08, 2007

Famous Matthew's

Last year, on days when I didn't know what to post, I did the "Shows that Start with" series. This year, since I finished that, I'm simply going to ask you to rank the top 3 people of a somewhat random 1st name. Who are your 3 Favorite Famous Matthew's? Here's my current ranking (subject to change), but feel free to name someone unlisted:
  1. Matthew (Apostle)
  2. Matthew Broderick (Actor)
  3. Matthew Perry (Actor)
  4. Matthew Fox (Actor)
  5. Matthew McConaughey (Actor)
  6. Matt Damon (Actor)
Am I forgetting some famous Matthew's?


steph said...

Matthew Algie, a British coffee roaster
Matthew Murray, a steam engine and machine tool manufacturer that built one of the first steam locomotives
Matthew Reilly (writer), Australian action thriller writer
Matthew Fox (priest), a controversial American priest and theologian

just to name a few... i had a little help from (a little bored, i was)

Regan said...

Contrary to popular opinion, Matthew McConaughey is the most annoying actor ever.

Another famous Matthew is Matthew West of Christian music fame. I guess he's not extremely famous, but I like him.

steph said...

ok... so i know mine aren't really famous, since most of us have never heard of them... but they made it into wikipedia, so close enough

Anonymous said...

Are we just sticking with the "matthew" spelling of the name? If not
Mathew Brady, celebrated photographer

Mathew Evans, one of two Canadians who developed and patented the first incandescent light bulb

Mathew Helm, Australian diver who won the silver medal at the 2004 Summer Olympics in the men's 10-metre platform

Mathew Horne, stand-up comedian

Anonymous said...

Mathieu Biron, Canadian professional hockey defenceman

matthew said...

wow, ya'll know a lot more famous matthew's than i do. I have heard of matthew fox (priest), matthew west (christian singer), and mathieu biron (hockey player).

Actually, I am quite surprised there aren't more famous matthew's in sports. It's a very common name, but there aren't any very famous mathletes.

Dena said...

I'll vote for Matthew the apostle, Matthew Perry, and our own Matt Rose. Matt Damon annoys me and Matthew Fox is just too...I don't know. I like Matthew Broderick, but he will always be Ferris Beuller in my heart.

Anonymous said...

Matthew Wood, is famous, he was the voice of all the famous villans in star wars, like general grievous, and like 10 others

lauren matthews said...

my second name is matthews