Saturday, July 07, 2007

Desperate Prayer

Sometimes in life we become desperate and pray. Then, when the desperation subsides, we stop praying. I always felt horrible for only praying when I had a desperate need. And so I'd force myself to pray absent that sense. I think I was wrong. The problem with our prayer lives is not so much that we only pray when we are desperate, but that we're only desperate when we pray. We're not desperate nearly enough. Our greatest need, then, is a greater sense of need.


Elliott Innes said...

Wow. You totally just blew my mind. I am serious. That is profound and a message that the church, especially of North America, needs to hear. We spend so much time trying to fix ourselves, that we don't let ourselves get desperate for God.

Thanks Matt.

Scott said...

I agree also. A greater sense of needing to be in a closer relationship with the Lord. I also beleive that there should be more praise in our prayer life. Have a great day.

matthew said...

thanks for the comments gentlemen :) these thoughts came via personal reflection and a study of Jonah chapter 2