Monday, July 09, 2007


6/17 thru 7/14... busiest 4 weeks of ministry ever
375... miles left on my biking goal, but I have a plan
144,444... number of blog hits I'll have very soon
20... more days till Houghton Family Camp!
8... people baptized at our church yesterday!
9/4... the day ALL BBC Bloggers must blog


Dena said...

Congrats on getting this far on your biking. Why must we all blog on Sept fourth?

matthew said...


because September 4th is the official BBC Blogging day silly :)

Anonymous said...

20 more days to Houghton i cant wait!!!! and i will be there wendsday night

matthew said...

Welcome back Phil!

Yes, I can't wait to play Wednesday night. I hope I am not back out of shape!

Dena said...

I guess I should have clicked on the link before I asked questions. Now I can't wait to see if Kirk really does have a funeral on that day.