Saturday, May 05, 2007

Bike Bets

Last year I planned to do a lot of biking, but I did far less than a lot. So how many miles will I bike this year? Here's the plan: I intend to bike to church once a week this warm season. It is 12.2 miles to church, 24.4 round trip, but in the interest of simplicity we're going to call it an even 25. I am going to aim for 20 such trips, a total of 500 miles. Now, as a matter of record, I only biked about 100 miles last year! So place your bets and whenever the weather turns back to cold, we'll declare the winner. Place your bets!

Calvin 6,500
Kirk 532
Goal: 500 miles
Bryan 468.6
Steph 300
Matthew 225
Jo 200
Dena 175
Current Total: 150 miles
Jessica 125
Elliott 2


Dena said...

Sorry to underestimate you, but I'm gonna give you 175 miles (7 trips). Hope you prove me wrong, but judging from your 100 yard dash video, I'm not seeing a triathalon in your near future.

steph w said...

12 trips (300miles)

Jo Hanson said...

i think it will be 8 trips.

i factored in the extra hot summer heat...and who wants to arrive at church to meet people all sweaty and gross and without a shower? not me. but maybe you men can get away with it. i would never bike to church or to work. those are the two places wherein people are the most judgemental about how one looks. if i biked to church or work, people would think, 'gosh, did she even TRY to look good today? someone should teach her about proper self-care.'

but as i said, males can get away with looking unkept and few judge them for it.

Jecca said...

i'd like to know how many months you are considering "summer?" My estimation is once per month, perhaps twice, so I need to know how many months to factor in. :)

matthew said...

basically, any bike riding i do in 2007 counts :)

Bucket said...

be a man and bike 125 miles a week. for 52 weeks. BE A MAN MATT!

Jecca said...

5 trips (125 miles)

I think this betting thing is flawed because now you know what we expect...would you ride your bike just to prove us wrong? :) although, it's a lot of work to do what you're doing, so that possibly is highly unlikely i'm sure.

matthew said...

i think having all these bets might even motivate me. First I can aim to surprise you. then dena, then jo...then i'll surprise myself and steph. I doubt i'll surprise calvin

I Lost You At Hello!!! said...

I believe in you Matt. I'm going to go with 532 miles.

Bryan said...

what tires do you plan to run?

matthew said...

for now, the tires that came with my bike. i'd like to change, but it'd pry be easier just to get a new bike and i don't have enough money right now :)

Bryan said...

468 and 6/10 miles

Anonymous said...

Elliott says:

matthew said...

so far elliott is winning