Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Idol #6

Now that Sanjaya's gone, it's tough for most people to say who should be the next to leave. Personally, I don't really like Chris's voice. It's just not inspiring at all compared to the other singers. He sings everything nicely, but not greatly. Here is my leaderboard showing this week's and overall scoring:

Melinda 8 (82)
Jordin 7 (77)
Lakisha 6 (73)
Phil 8 (72)
Blake 7 (68)
Chris 7 (67)


Dena said...

It really is the girls dominating this season, isn't it. It seems to alternate seasons that way...coincidence???

Lindy said...

How can you say Phil is worse than Blake? I'm confused- he's even got the vote for the worst people now he's such an awful singer.

matthew said...

I like Blake better than Phil. I wish my statistics were different. But I can't make them up. Phil routinely sings his songs very well. He has no personality and I don't personally like him. But every week I am forced to give him a 7 or 8. Consistency is king.