Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Gilmore Girls 20

Surprisingly, Paris & Jess were eliminated last week while Jackson remained. Paris, in fact, finished dead last in voting despite being the top vote getter up until that point. In other words, you people are unpredictable. And so, I have no idea which 2 characters will be eliminated in the next 24 or so hours. Remember to vote FOR one character and AGAINST another.



matthew said...

Against MICHEL

Luke is definitely one of my 2 favorite characters on the show, if for no other reason than his hatred of cell phones.

I am neutral in regards to Sookie, but I get a bit annoyed sometimes with Michel, though many like him.

Jo H. said...

Luke is the character for which I watch the show. It used to be Lorelei too, but she has disappointed me. Therefore
AGAINST MICHEL (too mr. GQ for my liking)

glo said...

I think i have to go for luke and against Michel.

I just realy like luke, and michel is a tad bit anoying

Dena said...

Wow, tough poll or me today. Luke is always a good guy, even with some faults. Where would Lorelei be without her best friend Sookie? And I LOVE Michel's dry sarcasm/humor. Tough call. But in the end...
+ Luke
- Michel (sorry, I love you!)

I Lost You At Hello!!! said...

Well it seems like the fix is in. All 4 people voting the exact same way. I will decide later on whether I even want to vote is this poll.

matthew said...

yeah, this is the most unity I've seen in a long time.

Luke 4
Sookie 0
Michel -4

matthew said...

btw..just watched tonight's episode and i think it was, by far, the best episode of this season

His Beloved said...

For Luke
Against Sookie

This was tough seeing as I love all 3 of these characters. I LOVE Luke therefore I voted for him and I love Michel too, he makes me laugh so I can't bring myself to vote against him! Therefore that leaves Sookie.....sorry had no choice!

Lindy said...

Sense Luke is safe I'll vote for Sookie. Against Michelle though- he's highly irritating

matthew said...

Luke 5
Sookie 0
Michel -5

I Lost You At Hello!!! said...

Ok In the space of time. I've waited long enough. (sounds like a good song) All of you have dissapointed me greatly. Sookie is amzing. Michel is even better. Luke is a prostitute of coffee. He is destroying the lives of every one on the show. Obviously everyone has made up their mind who will win. Keep it up. Keep voting for this whore of Babylon. I vote Yes Michel. (the real glue of the show) and no to Luke (only because he hates all of you and wishes you dead)

I Lost You At Hello!!! said...

Just to clarify I don't wish anyone dead it is Luke that wants you dead.