Saturday, March 25, 2017

Lies We Believe About God (Intro)

Today, I am summarizing and reacting to WM. Paul Young's introduction to his new book Lies We Believe About God.

Introduction Summary
Young was brought up in the Western Evangelical Protestant tradition which, he believes, places too much emphasis on acquiring (a sense of) certainty. He now believes that we do well to ask questions. He believes that question-asking has freed him to improve his theology which, in turn, has helped him to become a better man. He doesn't claim to be a theological expert and he insists that his readers look to the Trinity (not him) for truth. He offers his thoughts not as final answers, but as personal ponderings worthy of consideration as we pursue the truth of Christ.

I resonate with Young's introduction. I, too, feel the church in my context too often sees things in black & white terms. A sense of certainly has arguably become an idol within American Christianity. Questions are good and healthy to ask. The introduction comes across to me as humble and written in the right spirit.

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