Saturday, March 25, 2017

Lies We Believe About God (Foreword)

Today, I begin reviewing, chapter by chapter, the book "Lies We Believe About God" by WM. Paul Young. His first book The Shack (a fictional story) created a great amount of controversy. Some claimed the book was heretical while others defended its orthodoxy. This new book (a work of non-fiction) is sure to reveal Young's present theology with greater clarity. This review will serve as an opportunity for me to share my thoughts on the book's content.

To begin, I will summarize and react to the foreword for this book, which was written by C. Baxter Kruger.

Foreword Summary
C. Baxter Kruger is a theologian and a friend of Young's. He wrote a (I'm guessing) positive response to The Shack titled The Shack Revisited.  In this foreword, he aims to share with us the framework from which Young writes, which (he claims) is the world shaking truth that Jesus is the God-man. Kruger suggests that Young's theology is an attempt to work out the implications of the fact that Jesus truly represents God and humanity. Kruger is not sure he agrees with everything that Young has written in this work (he admits the possibility that christological mistakes are made), but he agrees with much and appreciates (and shares) the Jesus-centered paradigm from which Young is working.

I have read 1 book by Kruger (Jesus and the Undoing of Adam) which I considered to be an excellent resource on atonement theology. What's more, I agree with the Jesus centered paradigm that Kruger and Young are working with. Kruger is right, I think, in saying that "working out the implications of Jesus's identity as the eternal Son of God united with humanity in our sin is the task of truly Christian theology."

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