Thursday, March 30, 2017

Lies We Believe About God (23)

Summary of Chapter 23
The 23rd 'lie' is the idea that 'you will never find God in a box'. Young grew up in a world where God was placed in a box (a too neatly packaged theology). Eventually, he could no longer accept delivery of that package. But he wants us to be aware that, sometimes, when we leave one box, we make a box of our own (all the while becoming smug toward people who still use the first box). Young's point seems to be that even though God doesn't fit in any of our boxes, God will become small enough to get in our boxes because God wants to be where we are.

This chapter gives some more insight into Young's history that sheds light on some of his positions. It also shows some humble self-awareness about the dangers of feeling like you've figured out some things that most seem in the dark about. Finally, it shows yet another way God is willing to humble Himself just to be with us. No objections here.

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