Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Lies We Believe About God (22)

Summary of Chapter 22
The 23rd 'lie' that Young wants to bring into the light is that 'God is not involved in my suffering'. Young believes love and loss are the two great realities of our present existence. But, ultimately, loss will be no more and only love will be left. In the meantime, God enters into the suffering brought about by our quest for independence. And we must do the same for others. That's how love wins.

There isn't much to react to in this chapter. I agree that God enters into our sufferings and that we should do the same for others. Perhaps the most interesting thing about this chapter is that it seems to contain Young's clearest statement of 'The Fall'. He describes it as 'Adam's independent turning from Life' which 'introduced death into the cosmos'. Young also believes that 'as we each in our choices and actions continue to turn from Life, we reaffirm the profound hold that death has on us.' It seems to me this is an adequate, though perhaps not quite bold enough, statement of our fallen condition (something I was hoping to come across in my reading of this book). I'm content to raise no objections here.

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