Friday, July 29, 2016

Friendship Evaluation Test

1. What is my favorite number?
A. 7
B. 13
C. 27
D. 94
*if the numbers are within 10, you get 20 points
if the numbers are within 25, you get 10 points
if the numbers are within 50, you get 5 points
Carrie Meg 7
Cassie 94 (20 points)
Carl & Joe 13

2.  What is the best season of the year?
A. Winter
B. Spring
C. Summer
D. Fall
*If the seasons are the same, you get 20 points
If the seasons are opposite, you get 10 points
If the seasons are next to each other, you get 5 points
Carrie Carl Cassie Joe Meg Fall (20 points each)

3. Do you want to be friends with me?
A. Yes (20 points)
B. No (5 points)
C. Maybe (10 points)
Meg, Carl, Cassie, Carrie (20 points)
Joe (10 points) 

4. Would you invite me to a terrible party in the woods?
A. Yes, definitely, But I know you'd say no (10 points)
B. Yes, and I think you'd say yes (5 points)
C. No, because I'm a jerk like Joe
D. No, because I wouldn't throw a party in the woods (20 points)
A Carrie, Megan Joe
D Carl, Cassie

5. In exactly 20 years, I see us being
A. Basically strangers
B. Closer friends than we are today (10 points)
C. At the same level of friendship (5 points)
D. Taking another Friendship Test (20 points)
D Carrie
C Meg
A Joe Carl
B Cassie

60% Carl
45% Joe
65% Carrie
90% Cassie

75% Meghan

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Elizabeth said...

I got 75